How Video Games are Made?

How Video Games are Made?

How are video games are made? That’s a great question. When it comes to playing video games, it all seems so easy. You buy your favorite game, crash down on the couch, and boom, you’re ready to play. In fact, it’s so easy to download a game that it can be tempting to think that video games are easy to make too, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Making a video game is a lot of work, and it takes a really long time. It took over 100 people eight years to create Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Now, not all games take as long as Animal Crossing but making a game definitely isn’t easy. You will need to have some knowledge of programming, 3d modeling, or picture creating / editing tools like Photoshop to create how it looks (mostly 2D games) or texture. In order to play a game from scratch, you will need some knowingness in programming, 3d modeling.

How do game designers do it?

Before I say anything more, I’m curious, why do you think video games are so hard to make? Okay, you ready? Well, I don’t know how you answered, but you might’ve said that video games are hard to make because of all the different parts, and you would be right. Think about it, there are power-ups to collect, bosses to beat, entirely new worlds to explore, and that’s only on the first level. It makes you wonder, “How do game designers do it? “I mean, where do they even start?” Well, believe it or not, they start the same way you start when you write a story at home or school, with an idea.

It all starts with an Idea

Shigeru Miyamoto is a game designer. When Shigeru was little, he loved exploring the forests surrounding his village in Japan. One day, he discovered something, a cave. It was dark and mysterious, and he wondered what was inside. Were there imaginary creatures, like elves or fairies, were they guarding treasure, did they have dungeons? When he grew up, Shigeru had an idea, what if he made a video game about that cave and a treasure that was hidden inside? And what if that game had a hero who wanted to find it? Shigeru’s idea became one of the most popular video games ever created, a game called The Legend of Zelda.

What people are involved?

Now, thinking up ideas for characters and places is only the beginning, there’s a lot more to think about before a game is made, like how many levels will there be, and will there be enemies, what will they look like?

Game Designers

Game designers write all of their ideas in a huge book, which they give to special designers called concept artists. Concept artists love to draw, so they take all the game designers’ ideas and decide what they’re going to look like. Some are in charge of drawing the characters, while others are in charge of drawing the worlds where the characters will live. Now, these idea does not look like those you see in video games, that’s because they’re not done yet, they need to be put into the game, and that’s the job of computer artists, called 3D modelers.

3D Modelers

These artists spend weeks turning the pictures into finished worlds and 3D characters that we see in games. But just because the characters are in a game doesn’t mean the game is ready to play, characters need to be told what to do, and that’s where computer experts, called Programmers. These Programmers are the real pioneer behind How Video Games are Made.


Programmers give Computer instructions to the character about what to do. They do it with the help of logical numbers and characters called code. This code will tell the characters in the game what to do when a player presses a button, or moves the joystick, or picks something up, or tries to beat a boss. There are millions of possibilities, and that means programmers have to write millions of lines of code. And when you write that much, there are bound to be mistaken. Those mistakes can turn into what programmers call bugs or glitches. Though bugs can be funny, they can also ruin a game. So, game makers have to fix them before we get to play.


This is where Testers come in. If you like video games, you’re gonna love this. Testers get to play video games all day and get paid for it. But they’re not playing video games to see how many SuperMario levels they can pass, or keep Minecraft monsters from attacking their forts. They’re playing games to fix them. You see, a tester’s job is to find all the bugs and parts of the game that aren’t working right. They take notes on what they found. And, they share those notes with the programmers so they can fix the parts that are broken.

Final Task

After things are fixed, there are just a few pieces of the puzzle left. These are like designing cool-looking boxes to put the games in and making ads to tell the world that the game is coming out. Once that’s done, the time has arrived, from an idea in a designer’s head to artists’ drawings to code on a computer. The video game is finally ready for you to play.

What Technology / Softwares are used in Video games?

Now, that we have answered How Video Games are Made. You wonder what technology or Softwares is used in making Video Games. There are tools that do harder stuff for you if you don’t want to build your game from scratch. As generators, these are renamed. Any of these are all I know

  • Gamemaker studio(only 2d): Only 2d games are restricted. It features drag and drops and also the GML framework that enables it to be coded. Significant games: Drifter super light.
  • Unreal Engine (2d/3d): This uses C++ and schematic, this is useful to startups and nonprogrammers who can build the features for games by “dragging and falling.” It’s also mostly used for level modeling. Unreal Engine version 4 of today. Outstanding games: Tekken 7, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Quintessent.
  • The most famous engine is Unity(2d/3d). It uses C# as the language of programming. It also has a mechanism for drag and fall. Significant games: Firewatch, fear layers

If you want to make a game from scratch, there are also libraries

  • OpenGL
  • SFML
  • SDL

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