20 facts about Marvels you didn’t know

20 facts about Marvels you didn’t know

Facts about Marvels you didn’t know. We are going to be talking all about the comic book sensation that is the Avengers yes Earth’s Mightiest Heroes that’s gone from strength to strength is under our microscope today and who knows what Marvel’s we shall uncover for instance why did Aaron Taylor-Johnson keep commenting on James Spader’s bald while filming Age of Ultron? What was the Hulk’s original color?

Why is Hawk-Eye and none of the promotional material for any to war is he in it or what because somehow him not being there has made me really care about Hawk-Eye somehow.

Avengers are Superheroes

Avengers number one in case you’ve been living under a rock you would’ve heard of them. But and somewhere else that isn’t Earth, the Avengers is a team of sadly fictional superheroes. They have appeared in numerous comic books published by the American company Marvel Comics.

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

One of the facts about Marvels you didn’t know. The team labeled as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was created by the legendary comic book creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. It consists of a rotating roster of super-powered weirdos who have to come together and fight the foes that no single superhero could withstand or top ara phrase to fight the battles and no one else had occurred.

Origin of The Avengers

The Avengers team was originally conceived because of Bill Everett, the artist on the very first issue of daredevil. He fell way behind on his work and printing time. The comic had already been booked and if Marvel didn’t have anything to print they’d be losing money. So, Stanley decided to quickly throw together a bunch of existing heroes into a team that could rival DC’s Justice League is one of the facts about Marvels you didn’t know.

All Winner Squad

The Avengers are of renovation of the All winner squad a previous superhero team that has appeared in comic books published by the predecessor to Marvel Comics, Timely comics is one of the facts about Marvels you didn’t know.

Avengers original Lineup

The original lineup of the Avengers consisted of man Thor, The Hulk, Antman and The Wasp. Yes, that’s right Captain America wasn’t even there from the beginning.

The Hulk Quit the Team

However, The Green Rage machine, that is The Hulk actually quit the team because he became aware of how much his teammates feared his volatile temperament “Ah! sorry Bruce but I mean you gotta understand that right you’re pretty scary “.

Captain America was not Founding Member

Captain America joined the team in his place and was welcomed as a retroactive founding member of the Avengers even though he wasn’t apparently. They all prefer to rewrite the past and confront the sad reality that they Boyd one of their members after the team I think we all know who the real monsters are.

Avengers Assemble

Avengers are famous for their group catchphrase Avengers Assemble which I’ve wanted to shout all my life whereas I’m stuck with being famous for my catchphrase “Help I’m stuck in a net again don’t ask it’s a whole story.”

Spiderman and Daredevil Refused to join

Though being an Avenger sounds pretty much like the coolest job in the cosmos. Not everybody was enamored with a much-loved band of superheroes. Throughout the history of the comic marble veterans, Daredevil and Spiderman were frequently asked to join the team. They frequently declined over and over again. Even The Hulk, a founding member of the Avengers before he literally read quite refused to rejoin the Avengers again for over 50 years is one of the facts about Marvels you didn’t know.

Stan Lee Challenging Himself

Iron Man was created by Stan Lee because he wanted to challenge himself to create a truly unlikable superhero a rich industrialist and weapons manufacturer who people couldn’t help but like again it’s sad to say he smashed it there.

Iron Man Charging Himself

In the earliest issues of The Avengers, Tony Stark hadn’t yet figured out how to efficiently power off his suits. So, he is forced to regularly chart it up. He did so, by literally plugging it into a plug socket the same way that you would charge up your electric toothbrush.

Iron Man Armor

Not only that Iron Man’s armor once included roller blades at this point. The man sold credentials for being an Avenger but said he owned a pair of full-body Electric skates

Grey Hulk

The Hulk, known for his illustrious shade of green was originally gray in the comics. Colorist Stan Goldberg tried in vain to correct the shades of the pewter-colored Hulk but just couldn’t get them right. One of his attempts at Lee turned the Hulk green. At which point Stan Lee and Jack Kirby decided to keep it that way to make things easier on Goldberg. So, green and radiation kind of makes sense and goes together

Captain America’s Shield

The Captain shield was originally a traditional shield shape. It was modified to its current circular design to avoid similarity to that of the shield another patriotic superhero from Archie Comics who predates Captain America by several months.

Spider-Man’s Hyphen

One of the reasons why Spider-man’s name is properly written out with a hyphen between spider and man was that Stanley wanted to stop people from mixing him up with Superman. I mean they look kind of different but sure he’s also saying some stuff before about how it’s a separation of spider and man. So, he’s not like a man spider but yeah I’m pretty sure that this Superman thing was the main reason and one of the facts about Marvels you didn’t know.

Big Membership Change

The Avengers underwent their first big membership change Iron Man, Thor, The Wasp, and Antman all left leaving Captain America all on his lonesome. He controversially decided to bring on Hawkeye, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch all of whom had been villains in earlier appearances.

Late Night with David Letterman

Jumping ahead now to issue number 239 of the Avengers released in the early 80s. Several members of the team including Hawkeye and Black Panther at this stage made a public appearance on Late Night with David Letterman however their appearance was marred by supervillain Fabian Stanko itch aka the mecha no Marauderwho attacked them with camera mounted lasers luckily the Avengers needn’t have worried because Letterman was able to take out tanker which by brushing over the head with a giant doorknob yep that’s literally what happened to analyze that

Mutagenic Werewolf formula

The before mentioned retroactive founding member of The Avengers was injected with the Mutagenic Werewolf formula by Nightshade which briefly turned him into a werewolf inventively named Cap wolf is one of the facts about Marvels you didn’t know.

Ultron Robot

One of the main enemies of the Avengers is the villainous robot by the name of Ultron. He just so happens to be based on another evil comic book robot that other evil comic book robots were known as Makino. He appeared in the obscure comic book adaptation of the early 50s sci-fi TV show called Captain video.

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