27 Facts about Infinity War and Marvel

27 Facts about Infinity War and Marvel

Here are the 27 Facts about Infinity War and Marvel you probably don’t know or heard before. Lets get Straight into it.

Aaron Taylor Muscles

Funnily enough, funny Aaron Taylor Johnson was actually asked to stop working out for the role. He was told to reduce the visible appearance of his muscles. The studios literally thought he looked too buff to play a runner.

Evan Peters and Aaron Taylor

Interestingly, Aaron Taylor-johnson appeared as the title character in kick-ass alongside co-star Evan Peters who played his friend’s hot Haines. This is interesting because Peters eventually went on to play Quicksilver in X-Men. So, they’re both playing the same character in different universes whoa. It is one of the Facts about Infinity War and Marvel.

Black Widow

Despite, reprising her role as the acrobatic Black Widow in Age of Ultron Scarlett Johansson was actually Praeger. While the film was in production, a number of body and stunt doubles, as well as a touch of CGI, hid her growing belly.

Elizabeth Olsen as Dance Choreographer

In order to make her movements more skillful and elegant, during the action sequences Elizabeth Olsen actually trained as a dance choreographer who presumably taught her how to kick art gracefully.

Robert Downey Jr. Furniture

Robert Downey Jr. has a habit of having the furniture from his house in Los Angeles shipped to whether he’s filming Age of Ultron was no different with several trucks being used to bring his home furniture to Atlanta. Apparently, he does this for a sense of comfort. Sure, why not? I mean you’ve got to use all that ridiculous wealth for something robbed. It is one of the Facts about Infinity War and Marvel.

Spiderman’s Performance

The Carson crew was so impressed by Spidey’s performance in his first takers Ultron that he was met with a round of applause afterward. Much like I am after this fax look there’s no on that.

Ultron’s Height

Because Ultron is roughly 9 ft tall and James Spader is well not. He wore an antenna-like frame that held two red eyeballs three feet above his head as a reference point for where Ultron’s eyes were going to be. Elizabeth Olten actually struggled to focus on the vault because the spider’s performance would be so intense that she would look directly at him. Out of instinct whenever this happened Aaron Taylor Johnson would yell “look at his balls” Lizzy doesn’t know why he said it like that to get her to focus on the spider’s big red balls.

An Incestuous Relationship

There’s a famous and controversial storyline in Marvel’s ultimate sin which Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch began. Let’s face an incestuous relationship. Though this was obviously not explicitly referenced in the film, Elizabeth Olsen revealed that she and Aaron Taylor-johnson did play around with the idea of having the characters hold each other’s hands and constantly gaze at each other in a way that was almost uncomfortable. It is one of the Facts about Infinity War and Marvel.

Visual Effects

Over 3,000 visual effects have used in the Age of Ultron. It is according to some the most in any film ever made. The previous incumbent of that particular title was Guardians of the Galaxy.

Muse the technology

The world-famous motion picture visual effects company Industrial Light and Magic even developed a new motion capture system for the movie known as Muse the technology. It was used to create Hulk and Ultron. It was made to better capture movements of the body and the face as well as combine different takes of the same performance.

360 days for a Scene

The scene in which Ultron commands several of his drones to fly down and latch themselves upon a truck in Seoul. It took a staggering 360 days to complete. This might have had something to do with the fact that the whole sequence was handled by only one animator who received a party and a bottle of champagne upon finishing. It is one of the Facts about Infinity War and Marvel.

Peace in the Town

At one point, Tony Stark says that the goal of the Ultron program is to create peace in our town. This is a reference to Britain’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain who made the exact same declaration after returning to London following negotiations with Adolf Hitler in 1938 which as you’re probably aware didn’t end well much like the Ultronprogram.

Big Hero 6

When stark is picking a new AI for his suit, a little over an hour and a half into the film, one of the chips is labeled Tadashithis is a nice little nod to the creator of baymax in the 2014 film big hero 6. Big Hero 6 in itself is based on a Marvel comic. If you look carefully you can also Jo Casta which is the name of Ultron’s wife who becomes an Avenger in the comics.

Title Card

Hilariously, the title card for the Age of Ultron doesn’t appear until a whole 12 minutes into the film. it doesn’t feel like that, does it?

Longest Marvel Film

The next installment in the Avengers franchise and the entire MCU is the hotly anticipated Avengers infinity war which I physically cannot wait for. I want a time machine for it and if I die before it comes out I’m gonna be really upset and probably haunt one of you. I don’t know which one and 156 minutes or over two and a half hours long infinity war will be the longest Marvel film to date which a gunner has to be. It has around 60 Marvel characters in it or something. It is one of the Facts about Infinity War and Marvel.

Two Unnamed Beings

Infinity war is actually one of two films that have been shocked concurrently with the second of the two beings as of yet unnamed. While the two films aren’t a two-parter and our narrative Lee distinct they will be connected.


A large proportion of infinity war was filmed in everyone’s favorite country that is directly north of England Scotland. Scotland shooting locations include Edinburgh Glasgow and the Scottish Highlands.

Durham Cathedral

Well, the film is being shot at Durham Cathedral which is located in the city of shocker Durham. Security was so tight that not even the cathedral wardens were granted access to go inside.

IMAX digital Camera

While many films have certain sections shot in IMAX. Infinity war has the distinct honor of being the first film ever to be shot entirely with IMAX digital cameras. It is one of the Facts about Infinity War and Marvel.

Collaborative Bonanza

As you have probably realized by now infinity war is gearing up to be a collaborative bonanza filled to the brim with comic-book characters from multiple sources including the guardians of the galaxy, not the defenders I don’t think any way to that end marvelous state that infinity war features over 60 main characters, whoa we’re in for a treat oh mama.

Russo Brothers

Unlike the previous two, infinity war is not being directed by Joss Whedon. It is being directed by the paternal directing team, are the Russo brothers. Joe Russo stated that he wants the film’s main antagonist and evil being known as Thanos to be this generation’s, Darth Vader. In that, he’ll turn up speed Tony Stark’s father but we know that Howard Stark is all unless he’s a Skrull Oh.

Stan: Most Evil Villain

Here’s a little more about Stan for you. He has killed more beings than any other villain in the Marvel Universe. He’s kind of a brat basically. It is one of the Facts about Infinity War and Marvel.

Thanos Curse

In the later comic books, part of the reason why Thanos is so intimidating is that he’s been banned from dying because he broke up with his girlfriend. She happens to be ritual death. Oh didn’t you catch that? yeah, he broke up with his girlfriend who banned him from dying because she is literally death I’m not saying it again it’s mental I’m not saying it again.

Thanos Motivation

Thanos motivation in the film though seem to be slightly different he wants all the Infinity stones to put in the Infinity Gauntlet which gives him the news to control all time space and reality with just a click of his fingers or something else with fingers as well you can probably do lots of things. The reason why he wants to do this is to curb the overpopulation of regions that will probably become apparent in the movie. It is one of the Facts about Infinity War and Marvel.

Spoilers Alert

Some of the promo images for infinity war appeared to show that… Spoilers here by the way for Thor Ragnarok, Thor is ending his legendary hammer Mjolnir. He also doesn’t have long hair. Instead, he has short hair an eye patch, and a big scary battle-ax. This big scary battle-ax, Thor actually had in the comics before obtaining his hammer buddy. It has since been destroyed by his sister Heller. Look don’t go find what spoilers I told you at the beginning of this. Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe but this it’s.

Realist Avengers

The thing you can expect from infinity war is death, glorious glorious death. It’s almost certain that at least one major Avenger is going to die permanently. You know for all of them to get through this without a single bruise and death would frankly be unrealistic. If there’s one thing the Avengers are known for its realism. It is one of the Facts about Infinity War and Marvel.

UK and US Difference

For other Avengers films, the UK got the movie several days before the US release. However, this time is different to avoid spoilers leaking all over the place. Crevice the release date was brought up by a week in the US. So, it’s just the day after the UK now. Oh, Americans avoid the internet for that day.

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