Deadpool Vs Thanos: The Comic Series

Deadpool Vs Thanos: The Comic Series

Deadpool vs Thanos the reason why is because this story is amazing. I’m hoping that at the end of the next several videos, even if you’re not the biggest fans of Deadpool you’ll have at least had a good time. So, Deadpool vs. Thanos was written by Tim Seeley who was also responsible for Guardians of the Galaxy the best story ever. It is actually an in-continuity story taking place prior to Secret Wars. The collapse of the multiverse like many Deadpool stories was not given an explicit time which is to say that it takes place between two particular issues but because most of his comics are standalone we can probably get away with saying that it could take place between any of the events of his comics from 2010 to 2011.

Relationship between Characters

Now as we get into this, well, one thing I want to do is set the stage for this story by having a discussion on the relationship between Deadpool, Thanos, and Mistress Death. The reason why is because this story will largely draw on existing information from previous stories. So, it makes sense that we simply need to provide a little bit of context beginning with Deadpool. His relationship with Mistress Death actually came during a read column with Deadpool annual in 1998. The overarching theme here is that during his time under the Weapon X project which granted him his healing factor waited formed a relationship with Mistress Death, who promised that the two would be together when he finally died. However, at the moment when he was supposed to cross over his healing factor kicked in keeping the two separated from one another.

Can Thanos Beat Deadpool?

Now the other half of this equation is Thanos and is one of the most well-known villains in comics, thanks to stories like Infinity Gauntlet and Marvel The End as well as his highly anticipated appearance in Avengers infinity war. A major part of the development of his character has been his pursuit of Mistress Death’s love where his early appearances in the Captain Marvel comics and the Thanos Quest and Infinity Gauntlet depicted this as an unexplained aspect of his character with Jason Aaron’s 2013 miniseries. Thanos rising the relationship between the two dated back to his childhood with his actions being guided by death to fulfill her own sadistic desires. During this story, Thanos has spent decades seating his own children all year turn around and kill them all travel to his homeworld and wipe out his own race. Due to the manipulations of death all of which went towards creating an unrequited love which she would never return.

The Love Triangle

Now the love triangle between mistress death Deadpool and Thanos came into full swing in the 2002 four-part miniseries titled fear for Freek, where Deadpool faced a prospect of dying. Once again after being blown up with only his hand remaining at the end of the story it was revealed the Thanos had Kirsten with immortality out of jealousy that Deadpool was bumping uglies with Mistress Death. So as a result dead food simply healed from his hand and returned a life.

Saint Cynthia island

So, as we get into Deadpool vs. Thanos, the story actually picks up in a place called Saint Cynthia Island appearing for the first time in this story the island is owned by Doctor Doom. It was created as a tribute to his mother. His mother was a Romani living in Europe at the turn of the century and had sold her soul to the demon Mephisto and return for knowledge on black magic where she was eventually killed. Doom’s early exploits and learning about magic and power were all rooted in his drive to free his mother’s soul. While he was unsuccessful and she was destined to spend eternity in the demon realm of Mephisto. This island represents his attempt to keep her memory alive even if only for himself.

Deadpool Gets shot

So, a Deadpool arriving on the island and knocking on Dooms Door Victor is treated to a shot in honor of his arrival. Unfortunately instead of the shot coming in the form of wine or a nice glass of cognac. Instead, it comes in the form of a 12-gauge shotgun presumably having been assigned the task of killing DMO that was not really told why the indication seems to be that Deadpool simply wanted to prove that he could do something none of the Avengers could. This is highlighted in the fact the Deadpool actually calls Stark Industries. After reaching the receptionist but learning that neither Tony Stark North nor present leaves a message stating that he was successfully able to kill the actual Victor Von Doom. Rather than one of his doom bot clones however in the midst of his conversation, the story starts to set up when Doom comes back to life.

Doom Comes back to life

Now when Deadpool asked doom how it is it he is alive. Victor provides us with a dying experience which is something that we haven’t really seen before. What I mean here is that while various individuals like the original Captain Marvel and Jean Grey have died the comic depiction of their death is usually just them approaching a light. What Doom tells us is that his experience was it when he died he felt a sudden rush of pain saw darkness followed by his childhood home. Then was suddenly returned to life and so with doom attacking Wade with a blast of energy, Deadpool celebrates that with his death she’ll be able to be with his BAE. Now for those who don’t know BAE is an acronym for the phrase Before Anyone Else meaning that Mistress Death is his main squeeze.

Deadpool’s Greatest Afro and Mustache

Now picking up in the realm between life and death we join Deadpool as he wears a combination of the greatest mustache and afro ever seen by human eyes. Setting the mood by opening a bottle of champagne and putting it on ice, Deadpool is met with the arrival of Mistress Death on the opposite side of a mirror. Now, what this section of the story does is tell us that the reason why Doctor Doom had returned to life after Deadpool shot him is that Mistress Meath is missing and was unable to take doom to her realm.

Mistress Death went Missing

At this point, we jump to a man named Black Talon, and to be honest, this guy is really just crazy more so than anything else. The real name of Black Talon is Desmond Drewe and he exists as somewhat of a cult leader in the Caribbean. While he isn’t really able to demonstrate the powers of Voodoo on any scale that matters. His mother Momma Limbo is an accomplished Voodoo Priest capable of resurrecting the dead. Hence, the reason why you see Zombies present the reason why Deadpool is here is explained when he states that following the death and resurrection of doom, he came under the belief that black talent or his mother had cast some kind of curse on humanity. They kept them from dying.

Thor and Dr. Strange comes

However, Black Talent reveals in both Thor and Dr. Strange had come looking for him. Under the same suspicions with Thor actually tearing his house apart. Now where Black Talent admits that he doesn’t know any sort of magic that dark or strong. Something that writer Tim Seeley does with this story is also brought up the notion that Deadpool is cursed. What’s interesting about this is that up until this moment Deadpool never knew that Thanos had cursed him with immortality. Instead every time Deadpool died and returned a life he simply just chalked it up to his healing factor.

Thanos Kidnaps Mistress Death

So, as a result, and for reasons that only make sense to him Deadpool connects the dots and comes up with the idea that Thanos had kidnapped Mistress Death resulting in the inability for anyone to die. Now we’re Black Talon offers to use his powers to trace where it is at. Thanos is gone. Deadpool agrees but has also developed a plan of his own. According to Wade, the plan comes in four stages.

  • Stage one involves Black Talon using his magic to locate Thanos.
  • Stage two requires a black tile and uses magic to spear Doctor Doom in the direction of the Avengers to keep them from trying to figure out why people aren’t dying.
  • Stage three involves Deadpool acquiring a ship from Cable.
  • Stage four ends with the death of Thanos and Poole making sweet sweet love to Mistress Death.

Now we’re back, Colin states of defeating Thanos will be difficult to the fact that he’s so powerful. Deadpool makes the case that because he routinely outsells Superman due to his popularity while Thanos is just a miserable grump. Deadpool is guaranteed to come out on top because that’s how the story is written.

Deadpool Gets smashed by Thanos

At this point, we join Deadpool as he’s getting smashed into a bloody puddle by Thanos. According to the Mad Titan, his hatred for humanity extends to the fact that humans by nature consider themselves to be the center of existence. At the same time, Thanos has grown tired of Deadpool and his antics getting in the way of Thanos has pursued a Mistress Death’s affections. As a result, he ends the curse placed upon Deadpool which had kept him immortal, and in the process quite literally beats him to death with his bare hands. Now picking up again in the space between life and death which is now being depicted as a massive ice landmass, Deadpool is visited by Mistress. Now the second time and her efforts to plead with him to save her.

Life and Death depictions

Now, the cool thing about these depictions of the space between life and death is that it’s entirely reflective of the person’s own views, at the time they died in this instance, Deadpool having died at the hands of Thanos coupled with Mistress Death. Missing exemplifies itself in that this place is barrenly indicating the Deadpool himself beliefs things are hopeless. This is compounded on when he makes a statement that he believes he failed Mistress Death, but because she has such a strong attraction to Deadpool, she makes the case that he has to find a way due to the fact that despite his life being surrounded by darkness and that he lives a life of murder, he always finds his way back to the light, and that he’s brave, and going to go to the limit for the things that he cares about.

No One Dies

At this point, the story transitions to a couple of events, that will come to fruition, in the second and third issues, but what we do here is jump back to Black Talen because his island is largely inhabited by zombies. They’ve apparently been meeting in secret and have come to the conclusion that, because no one is able to die the living are now on par with the undead. Since no one can die as such they began to pick it demanding equal rights and treatment. Now, while this isn’t extremely important, the significance of this moment comes when the scene is met with the arrival of Ajax as Deadpool’s arch-nemesis and introduced. During the Joe Kelly run from 1997 with issue number 14 Ajax’s arrival comes due to his pursuit of Deadpool.

Is Deadpool better than Thanos?

From here, we jump to the science station of Nowhere in Starlin’s bar. As a funny aside Stalin’s bar is actually named after Jim Starlin who had made the cosmic operand Marvel comic’s popular. Due to Infinity Gauntlet but within the bar itself is one of the Blood Brothers, as well as a Guardians of the Galaxy as one half of a duo of this serf Thanos for a time during his early appearances. The current blood brother had lost his twin during a fight with Drax the destroyer as a result of the inhabitants of the universe unable to die. The belief of the blood brother is that his twin may return but because he asked ties with Thanos and is likely aware of where Thanos is located. He’s attacked from behind by star-lord.

Did Thanos Curse Deadpool?

With the intention of finding Thanos his location now joining back with Deadpool and Thanos himself we get some pretty important information regarding Wade’s ability to die what we’re told is that when thousands had previously cursed him he’d removed Deadpool’s ability to die from the control of Mistress Death and bound it to Thanos himself as such Thanos is the only one who can kill Deadpool what this means is that it’s not impossible for individuals to be transitioned to the realm of death the issue here is that mistress death herself can’t be the one to do it and so to this end when Thanos had beaten way to death he used his experience as a way to monitor the conversation between Wade and mistress death to gain a better understanding of what was happening but also to inform death that he had killed Deadpool to prove his affections for her while mistress death ultimately chose Deadpool over Thanos due to the fact that she had appeared to wade in her pleads for safety and also referred to him as her one true love Thanos makes the statement that he intends to gain the affections of mistress death by rescuing her however because ACLU’s to her location rests in the mind of Deadpool Thanos needs him to achieve his own goal and so offering Deadpool a handful of jewels as payment for his assistance Deadpool ultimately turns the offering down in favor of the fact that the mission to save mistress death is a personal one which you will happily undertake for free.