25 facts about Godzilla

Facts about Godzilla: Today, we’re going to be talking to you all about the king of monsters himself or herself we’ll get to that, either way, it’s Godzilla the big lizard who has crossed continents been a villain, a hero had some facelifts and starred in one 1998 film. We’ll try to talk about as little as humanly possible. Which […]

34 facts about The Avengers Film

Here are the 34 Facts about The Avengers film That you don’t know About while watching the movies. 402 Issues The original Avengers series produced 402 issues lasting an impressive 33 years between September 1963 and September 1996. It is one of the Facts about The Avengers film. The Avengers Records As we’re all very aware The Avengers were adapting […]

25 Unknown Facts about Black Panther

Unknown Facts about Black Panther: Black Panther, the man, the myth, the legend, a superhero, the film, are all of it. Black Panther is an important figure in the history of comic books for a number of reasons. If you’re desperate for the latest about T’Challa. What was Black Panther’s original name? Well, your all questions gonna be answered. So, […]

10 Facts about Teen Titans You Need To Know

The Teen Titans have dealt with their fair share of dark and scary situations, particularly after the group evolved into the New TeenTitans in 1980, with a new group of young superheroes joining up to take on Titan Raven’sdemonic father, Trigon the Terrible. Since, the group has endured a whole lot of drama and a whole lot of tragedy, some […]

10 Shazam Facts that will blow your mind

Here are the top 10 Shazam Facts that will blow your mind. Fights with Batman In 1996, Kingdom come wanted to peer into the future of the DCU and displayed a bleak environment where our classic DC heroes had left and been replaced by their successors. Shazam or Captain Marvel as I will be referring to him for the sake […]

12 facts about DC you didn’t know

Facts about DC: In 1934, entrepreneur Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson formed the company National Allied Publications and released the first American comic book with original content, titled New Fun: The Big Comic-Magazine #1. Not the most memorable title, but the first of its kind nonetheless. What DC Comic Stands for? One of the facts about DC is The company’s third release, Detective […]

20 facts about Marvels you didn’t know

Facts about Marvels you didn’t know. We are going to be talking all about the comic book sensation that is the Avengers yes Earth’s Mightiest Heroes that’s gone from strength to strength is under our microscope today and who knows what Marvel’s we shall uncover for instance why did Aaron Taylor-Johnson keep commenting on James Spader’s bald while filming Age […]

Facts You Didn’t Know About Spiderman

Facts You Didn’t Know About Spiderman: Spiderman is a superhero beloved by the young and old. So we thought we’d list Facts You Didn’t Know About Spiderman. Spiderman first appeared in Amazing Fantasy number 15, which was released August 10, 1962. It was created by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee. Ironically, the character was first attempted by Jack Kirby and […]

6 Problems with Avengers Endgame

Problems with Avengers Endgame: While Avengers Endgame was Marvel’s shining knight of the decade. Cracks in the armor can be seen when you stop and think about the film. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an entertaining movie. Even though it’s the climax of the MCU, it honestly doesn’t have as much watch ability as some of the other stronger […]