34 facts about The Avengers Film

34 facts about The Avengers Film

Here are the 34 Facts about The Avengers film That you don’t know About while watching the movies.

402 Issues

The original Avengers series produced 402 issues lasting an impressive 33 years between September 1963 and September 1996. It is one of the Facts about The Avengers film.

The Avengers Records

As we’re all very aware The Avengers were adapting into the 2012 action smash hit feature film also entitled The Avengers, Unless you’re in the UK like me, in which case it was called Avengers Assemble, directed by Joss Whedon. The film set numerous records during his box office run breaking in a weekend gross of 207.4 million dollars. That’s a lot of chicken maggots.

Highest Grossing Comic Book Film

The Avengers was also the very first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to earn 1 billion dollars. It’s the highest-grossing comic book film of all time. At least, it was not an honor has since gone to two Charla in Black Panther.

Group Hug

Hilariously, the original working title for the Avengers movie was a Group Hug, which let’s face it, it’s kind of better, isn’t it? Is it better? In fact, we’ve got a list of things that would show you the problems in The Avengers. It is one of the Facts about The Avengers film.

British Avengers

As I mentioned earlier the name of the film had to be changed for release in the UK. I bet you wondering why aren’t you? yeah well, I’ll tell you why this is because of the existence of a British TV series from 1961. That series was also named The Avengers. The show is an action comedy that focused on spies and espionage and predates the creation of the much more famous superhero team by about two years. As such for British audiences the film was renamed Avengers Assemble but believe me we all just call it The Avengers anyway.

Tom Hiddleston as Thor

Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki in the movies. He originally screen-tested for the part of a store for the movie Thor. Despite, gaining over 50 pounds of muscle for the role the powers that be decided he would be better suited as Loki, Thor’s twit of a brother.

No Supporting Characters

Initially, Joss Whedon didn’t want any supporting characters from the other Marvel superhero films to appear in The Avengers. In order to give the film a distinctive quality that was isolated from the other stories, which is literally not the point of the MCU, the point is it’s all connected not a silly thing to think. Anyway, he was however for to change his mind after Robert Downey jr. insisted that Gwyneth Paltrow appear after which Stellan skarsgĂ„rd and Paul Bettany were permitted to reprise their roles from Thor and Iron Man respectively. It is one of the Facts about The Avengers film.

Ant-man and The Wasp

Ant-man and The Wasp, the actual characters were originally going to appear in the film. Whedon states he was forced to cut them from the team. There were too many characters crowding the place up high you went to infinity war. Ant-man has since been given his own Marvel film, while the Wasp language is in obscurity like the underappreciated comic book icon which he is. Well, I’m kidding she was in the Ant-man film. Now, she’s gonna be in Ant-man and The Wasp but about time.

Wasp as the Team Leader

This is all the more insulting considering the fact that the wasp, whose real name is Janet Van Dyne served as the team’s leader for long stretches in the comic book series. She even privately funded the team all while running a fashion empire glass ceiling smash.

Wasp named The Avengers

Not only that the wasp was actually the hero responsible for coming up with the name The Avengers. After stating that it needed to be colorful and dramatic she named the team. She led the team and she funded the team and this is the thanks she gets for shame. It is one of the Facts about The Avengers film.

The Hulk and Marvel Dispute

The plan for the Hulk was for Edward Norton to reprise his role as Bruce Banner in The Avengers having previously starred as the character in the Incredible Hulk. After negotiations between him and Marvel, Studios broke down the role. Eventually went to a friend of his Mark Ruffalo.

Ruffalo’s Role

However, before Marvel Studios gave the role to Ruffalo. They offered the role of the mother chuffing Hulk – Joaquin’s mother chuffing Phoenix good lord what could have been.

Steve Reeves Twin

Well, the Hulk’s face was modeled after actor Mark Ruffalo. His CGI body was modeled after the bodybuilder and male stripper Steve Reeves.

Marvel didn’t take Permissions

When Marvel formed the Ultimate Universe, artist Brian Hitch decided to use Samuel Jackson as the model for the updated version of Nick Fury. Apparently, Marvel never actually got Jackson’s permission to use his likeness. So, when he contacted them to inquire as to why he was appearing in their comic books? They promised him a role in the movies. It is one of the Facts about The Avengers film.

Fury declared himself

In fact, the similarity was even referenced in the comic books when the team discussed who had played them in a hypothetical movie. It is weird because there are actually Avengers movies. In any case, Fury himself declared Mr. Samuel L. Jackson of course no discussion.

Scarlett Johnson and Chris Evans Together

The Avengers marked the third time that Scarlett Johnson and Chris Evans have starred together in a film. Having both appeared in the 2014 comedy heist film The Perfect Score, as well as the 2007 comedy-drama, The Nanny Diaries nope I’ve never heard of it either.

Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr.

Additionally, the Avengers was also the second collaboration between Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr.’s 2007 thriller This is Zodiac in which the pair respectively played a detective and a journalist, who are investigating the Zodiac murders.

Tinker Bell Poses

Director Joss Whedon apparently didn’t like a particular pose from the previous films in which Iron Man levitated using thrusters on the bottom whose feet and the palms of his hands forming his stance at. Whedon called Tinker Bell to pose. Yeah, he doesn’t look unlike that I guess he insisted that his suit in the avengers feature a jetpack allowing Iron Man’s hands to move freely. It is one of the Facts about The Avengers film.

Edwin Jarvis Tony Stark

Jupiter, for his role as the Ebor accurate Archer Hawkeye Jeremy Renner, trained with actual Olympian archers. Meanwhile, the rest of us are stuck training with regular archers how the other half live a full reading of life. Though everybody knows Jarvis is Tony Stark’s obedient Artificial Intelligence that helps them at home and in battle. Only true Marvel nerds will know that in the comic books Jarvis is actually Edwin Jarvis Tony Stark’s and indeed the Avengers teams very human Butler.

Kang the Conqueror

Some faithful comic book fans would have noticed the conspicuous absence of Kang The Conqueror a time-traveling warlord and regular enemy of the Avengers. In comics, the reason why he doesn’t appear in the films is that Marvel included the film rights the Kang as part of their Fantastic Four contract with 20th Century Fox. So, in the absence of any kind of agreement being reached but fingers crossed Kang will not be appearing in any Marvel outings.

Chi Tali Star System

The name of the evil cybernetically enhanced aliens that the Avengers fighting the Battle of New York are known as such a cherry a name that originates from Chi Tali a star system in the constellation of Taurus.

The Chitauri Thumbs

The Chitauri have two thumbs on each hand giving them a grand total of four thumbs. The extra digits were given to the creepy hive mind weirdos in order to give them an otherworldly quality, yep, they’ll do it. It is one of the Facts about The Avengers film.

Robert Downey Jr. Hiding food

While filming the scenes in his lab, Robert Downey Jr. had a slightly bizarre habit of hiding food around the set. He apparently somehow used to aid his performance. For example, in the scene where Tony Stark is offering Bruce Banner blueberries that are totally improvised their real blueberries.

Tony Stark’s T-Shirt

Tony Stark can be seen wearing a black sabbath t-shirt in a scene on the Helicarrier. This is a reference to one of the band songs which is literally just titled Iron Man. That probably the neatest most concise reference in one-on-one facts history.

Harry Dean Stanton’s Role

When the Hulk crash lands into the abandoned warehouse, the security guard played by the late Harry Dean Stanton asked a question, you know Liam this is a reference to Stanton’s role in the classic sci-fi film Alien. It is one of the Facts about The Avengers film.

The Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Tony Stark makes a call back to the comics when he describes his team, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes a phrase that as I mentioned earlier has appeared on The Avengers comic book since 1963. In addition to serving as the subtitle for the animated series known as The Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Bruce Banner Transformation into The Hulk

When Bruce Banner is trying and failing not to transform into the Hulk, on the lower deck of the Helicarrier he lurches onto a notice painted on the floor which reads warning contents under pressure nice.

Reference of The Incredible Hulk

Just under an hour into the film, Bruce Banner mentions the fact that the last time I was in New York I kind of broke Harlem. This is a reference to the 2008 movie The Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton which the Hulk causes hope u s– amounts of property damage during his clash with the abomination in Harlem New York.

Agent Coulson’s Death Scene

It took three separate attempts to make Agent Coulson’s death scene. Sufficiently, non-gruesome enough for the MP double-a to give the film a pg-13 rating instead of an R. Originally, Loki’s staff was going to be seen bursting through Coulson’s chest. This was deemed too graphic for all of America’s precious young citizens. So, instead his brutal shanking was shown off-camera and supplemented with a nasty sound effect.

Playing Galaga

Whedon has stated that Robert Downey jr. improvised the moment when Tony Stark accuses the Heli carrier worker is playing video games. Whedon was so amused by Downey’s that man is playing Galaga, that he decided to keep it in an odd vigil to Calicut gameplay to the offending employee’s screen. It is one of the Facts about The Avengers film.

Loki’s Expressions

The hilarious shocked expression that adorns Tom Middleton’s face after the Hulk repeatedly slams Loki into the floor was achieved by having animation director Mark Chu, violently, repeatedly shake Austin until he was sufficiently dazed.

291st Military Police Force Battalion

Though the film is packed full of CGI special effects and actors pretending to be badasses. Some parts of the film were entirely genuine. For instance, many of the military and police personnel that can be seen in the attack on New York City. They are the real members of the Ohio base 291st military police force battalion.

Stark Tower and MetLife Building

Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed at Stark Tower stands in New York City in the spot. That Spot actually occupied by the MetLife building. The bottom third of the stark tower is pretty much the same as the real-life structure. But, all the floors above that have been digitally redesigned to form Tony Stark’s metropolitan digs.

Heterosexual Couple

In order to make Pepper Potts appear shorter than Tony Stark. Because we can’t possibly have a Heterosexual couple in which the man is short. I can’t wait Gwyneth Paltrow was regularly barefoot Robert Downey jr. wore lifts an issue to appear taller forearm. It is one of the Facts about The Avengers film.

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