30 Quick GTA Vice City Facts

30 Quick GTA Vice City Facts

30 Quick GTA Vice City Facts: We’re going to be heading back to the 1980s groovy dude. We’re gonna deal some thoughts and cook some blow in the greatest city in the world Vice City. Yes, it’s gonna be a veritable thrill ride of action treachery and cheesy 80 slogans. Righteous, but which popular 80s movies are references in the game? He hints all of them how is my city implicated in a real-life trial and will Candy Suxxx ever live her dream to be taken seriously as a legitimate actress on stage and screen. Two out of three of those questions are going to be answered. So, strap up strap in strut, not that one, and prepare to gorge yourself on Easter eggs as we count through 30 facts quick GTA Vice City.

Rockstar Games

Grand theft auto vice city is an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North. Published by Rockstar Games got it totally tubular.

19 Years old

Vice City was released on the 27th of October 2002. Oh god, I feel old. That was when it was released on PS2. By the way, it was released on the 12th of May 2003 for Microsoft Windows and on the 31st of October 2003 almost half a year later for the Xbox. For the game’s 10th anniversary in 2012, a remastered version was released for mobile platforms.

Sixth Size

As such, Vice City is the sixth size of the Grand Theft Auto series. The first main entry since GTA 3 released in the previous year in 2001 those boys used to will it quickly.

City in 1986

The game is set within the fictional metropolis of by city in 1986. It follows Tommy Vercetti following his recent release from prison after he’s implicated in a botched deal of northeast earth. Tommy is forced to fight back, search for those responsible, and seek power from other city’s criminal factions. He Creates his own criminal empire in the process of the radical mother. It is one of the Quick GTA Vice City Facts.

Real Life Events

Much of the game’s narrative visual aesthetic and humor is based on various real events, people, and trends from Miami in the 80s. The setting of Vice City is itself based on Miami. It is obviously shouldn’t need to tell you that, but anyway, the game contains various references to the Mafioso Lords of Miami Cuban Haitian and biker gangs as well as the 1980s crack epidemic and the bubbling popularity of glam metal.

One Month after GTA 3

According to Lazlo Jones, the real-life writer, and producer who has portrayed a sensationalized version of himself in various GTA titles. Rockstar began working on vice city only one month after the release of GTA 3.

Speaking Man Character

Vice city is also the very first GTA game to feature a speaking main character. A major step up from Claude the mute from GTA 3. It is one of the Quick GTA Vice City Facts

8000 Lines

Incredibly, the game contains over 8000 line recorded dialogue. this is roughly four times that of its predecessor GrandTheft Auto 3. Bodacious can I stop the whole 80 slogan thing Nookay then.

1000 Pages Script

As such the script for GTA Vice City was over 1,000 pageslong. Far out, it’s not even the 80s I don’t know anymore.

Voice of Tommy

The voice of Tommy was provided by Hollywood legend Ray Liotta, who is himself known for portraying real-life mobster Henry Hill in Martin Scorsese’s classic gangster movie Goodfellas. Gnarly I should probably stop this now.

Ray Liotta Mizar

When Ray Liotta Mizar asked, why he agreed to lend his voice to buy the city’s main character. He replied but the money. Well, at least he’s honest. It is one of the Quick GTA Vice City Facts

Danny Trejo

In addition to Mr. Lee off to the creators of Isis, he managed to bring abroad many other famous actors to voice the game’s many characters. This includes alike of Danny Trejo is Cuban gang leader Umberto Robina, Burt Reynolds as Texas property magnate. Avery Carrington, Louise Guzman as the erratic Colombian drug lord Ricardo Diaz and everyone’s favorite fight Kaka Knee, Danny Dyer as the most boastful Englishman Khempal, the manager of the love fist I’m British and even I did that wrong.

Adult Fim Cast

Not only is the game’s cast listed with Hollywood legends. It also features a legend from a slightly different realm of cinematic entertainment. The part of iconic film actress but grown-ups only Candy Suxxx with three exes is betrayed by the iconic film actress Jenna Jameson. I’m not aware of her work I’ve never seen her before let’s move on.

Different Details in Finished Game

Many details of the finished game are different from how they were conceived early on in production. It is to be expected many of the characters we know and love today began with entirely different names. For instance, Ricardo Diaz was originally named Fernando Diaz. Cam Jones has originally named Mike Jones. BJ Smith’s original name is BJ Jones. It is one of the Quick GTA Vice City Facts

Different looks of Characters

Many characters also have a slightly different look to how they appear in the finished game. Tommy’s Hawaiian Church was originally a much darker shade of blue. According to the early table for the game Ricardo Diaz wore a suit rather than his usual Hawaiian shirt.

Sonny Forelli Suit

Not only that Lance Vance originally wore a purple suit and a black shirt. Sonny Forelli originally wore an unliked pink suit with a black shirt. These outfits can be seen in the game’s loading screen art look Meredith sees.

Character Design

In at least one case the character design was far more drastic than changes to the color of the suit. One character named Mr. Malvit was removed from the game entire conversation between Tommy and Moffat. However, he can be found in the game files which reveals that Moffat was on the run. Having escaped from prison he then called Tommy begging for his help. It is one of the Quick GTA Vice City Facts

Things to notice in Instruction Manual

Through the police cars in the Vice City of green and white, a picture of the original color scheme can be found on page 8 of the game’s instruction manual. Hang on, let me just get it up uh yes there it is it shows that the original color design was white with red and blue stripes resembling the Miami Beach Police Department’s cars in the 80s.

Weapons Hidden in the Game

There are numerous weapons hidden in the game files of Vice City that do not appear in the finished game. For example, these include a colt M1911 a grenade launcher, and the Steyr AUG.

Tear Gas

Tear gas was included in the original PlayStation 2 version of Vice City. For some reason, it was removed from all other versions of the game. Huh, never get to play with Tear Gas. So unfair not to Bueller.

Only 3D game not to Feature AK-47

The AK-47 is another gun that was cut from the game too. This omission makes Vice City the only 3d Grand Theft Auto game not to feature an AK-47. It is one of the Quick GTA Vice City Facts

AK-47 in Loading Screen

Interestingly, however, an AK-47 can be seen in the loading screen art being held by Phil Cassidy. Oh, so the gun expo can have an AK but I can’t where’s the logic in that.

Wall of Ammunition Store

Not only that the weapon can also be seen on the wall of any ammunition gun store. Why would they have a gun on display that you can’t buy? Sports advertising I tell you.

Bus Shelters

It wasn’t just characters and guns that were removed from the game during the early development of Vice City. They were bus shelters scattered around the game. These were for some reason removed I could have had tear gas an AK-47 and a bus shelter just like Mike.

Rockstar North Logo Sequence

Before the opening cutscene, for Vice City has even begun we are treated to the Rockstar North logo sequence, the visuals are highly reminiscent of the Commodore 64 basic command prompt which was common during the time period, in which the game is set to see that the more than just pretty faces those people at Rockstar. It is one of the Quick GTA Vice City Facts

Start Scene Reference

In the opening cutscene 20 He is sent to make a deal he is picked up from Escobar International Airport. This is a direct reference to the real-life Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar who reached the peak of his success during the 80s and was the richest criminal in history just goes to show kids that crime does indeed until he died that is.

Scarface’s Al Pacino

There are numerous references in Vice City to the classic 1983 crime movie Scarface starring El Pacino the narrative itself is highly reminiscent of the film following the violent and bloody ascendant of a flowery shirt-wearing thug to the top of a narcotics empire in a city based on Miami see the similarities just a little bit hey.

Vice City and Scarfaces

Additionally, both Vice City and scarfaces porno that for both but considering they’re both over a decade old you should have read any way they both conclude with the fewest gun fighting a large mansion which is incidentally exactly how I want to go out to an important difference here is that Tommy ultimately survives the battle in contrast to Tony Montana who is extremely dead by the end of Scarface. It is one of the Quick GTA Vice City Facts

Tony Montana’s mansion

The DA’s mansion itself has numerous striking similarities to Tony Montana’s mansion from Scarface with a very similar basic layout insane tacky decor well I guess it was fashionable at some point.

CCTV Foorage of Vercetti Estate

If you stand in front of the security monitors in the office of the Vercetti estate you’ll notice that the images displayed on the screens were actually showing the inside of Tony Montana’s mansion several of them on anticipate to show the final shots of Scarface featuring the curb staircase small swimming pool and the world is your statue in the mansion’s foyer. It is one of the Quick GTA Vice City Facts.

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