3 Types of Anime Fans Everyone Hate

3 Types of Anime Fans Everyone Hate

Types of Anime Fans Everyone Hate: We are gonna talk about the 3 types of anime fans that everyone hate! Keep in mind that the word hate here is hyperbolic because I don’t really hate those people, I just find them annoying most of the time. Lets get Straight to the Types of Anime Fans Everyone Hate.

Elitist Fans

The first type is the Elitist fan. This type of fan usually has a set of rules or standards that you have to follow if you want to be called an anime fan You have to have watched this many anime to be an anime fan. Or you have to have my anime list account to be an anime fan. Or you have to have watched this totally obscure anime from the 1940s that no one has ever heard of to be called an anime fan.

Hobby of Liking Anime

They take a simple hobby of liking anime to a whole different level and they believe that people have to be on that level if they want to be considered as anime fans. The funny thing is, some elitist fans usually complain when not enough people appreciate anime. But once more people start getting into anime, they begin complaining that those people are just a bunch of “casuals” and that they don’t understand the true essence of liking an anime. Hey, I see you have a Naruto Keychain on your backpack. Yeah! I love Naruto! It’s one of my favorite anime ever! What other anime do you like aside from Naruto? Hmm, let’s see, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach, and Fairy Tail. Oh, okay then. So just mainstream anime. I see. Well, how about ‘Cory in The Mansion’? Cory in The What? Cory in The Mansion.

You know, that anime from 1945, inspired by World War Two? Sorry, I haven’t heard of it yet. Oh, you haven’t? I thought you called yourself an anime fan. Well, yeah but I haven’t exactly been following anime for that long- Then how about The Return of Cory — the first OVA of the Cory Series? You must’ve at least seen the OVA, right? No, I haven’t heard of it either. Hmph. Figures. Shouldn’t have expected anything from a Naruto fan. Have you guys seen the anime award? I have! I’m so glad My Hero Academia won the anime of the year award! Yeah me too! Well, I for one think that The Attack of Cory should have won the anime of the year award. No matter. We all know those polls are for weebs and casuals only. They are the Types of Anime Fans Everyone Hate.

Award Shows

Real anime fans don’t care about award shows like that. Oh my God, guys! Did you see Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest tweet about liking Sailor Moon? I did! I can’t believe Leo is also an anime fan! That’s so cool. Oh please. Does he even have a minimalist account? Uh, I don’t think so. But he doesn’t have to have my anime list account to be an anime fan. Yeah, I agree. Urgh. Do you realize how foolish you sound right now? Why are we even having this conversation? I’m done with you weebs. Buh-bye. What? It’s completely okay to be a hardcore anime fan because It’s normal to be passionate about the things you like but we have to remember that at the end of the day, it’s just anime.

No Rules to be Followed

There’s no set of rules you have to follow to become an anime fan. If there’s someone who only enjoys watching Dragon Ball or Naruto, then that someone is free to deem themselves as an anime fan. There’s no need for us to get triggered and be all like: “You only like mainstream anime! You’re not a real anime fan!” So to all uptight & judgmental elitist out there: Please, go outside. Get a life. Realize that not everyone has the time to make a minimalist account or watch 50 anime series per year because Some of us have other priorities in life like jobs or school and other things aside from anime Don’t treat anime too seriously. It’s really not that healthy.

Fans who can’t Accept Critisism

Anime Fans who Can’t Accept Criticism or opinions that are different from theirs. I don’t know why but some people think that you don’t have the right to express any sort of negative opinion towards an anime they like because they find it super offensive to have differing opinions. They believe that if you watch a certain anime, then you’re not allowed to criticize it because then it means that you’re a hater. Man, I used to love Fairy Tail a lot, but I think the series turned downhill ever since the time skip. Excuse me? Did I just hear you talking bad about Fairy Tail? Well, I’m just expressing my honest opinion here. The plot has become so redundant. Also, the main characters never lose to anyone. Take Erza for example. She’s so overpowered and she doesn’t have any weakness.

Like in that one fight at the end for example, even after all the bones in her bodies were broken, she still managed to defeat the enemy somehow. She’s basically a mary sue at this point. Okay, first of all, Erza is queen and anyone who thinks otherwise should go drown in the Pacific Ocean. Secondly, who asked for your opinion? If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. But I think I have the right to not like a series just as you have the right to like it. No, you don’t have the right.

No one has the right to dislike the series that I like, especially Fairy Tail. The next time I hear you insulting Fairy Tail again, I’m going to cut off your tongue and feed it to my pet cat. So if you want to keep your tongue intact, then I suggest you think before you say anything bad about Fairy Tail. Got it? They are the Types of Anime Fans Everyone Hate.


You might think that I’m overreacting, but you have no idea how many angry comments I get from Fairy Tail fans whenever I criticize the series for the slightest bit, even for comedic purposes. And before anyone starts getting angry at me in the comments and calling me a hater, if you’ve been watching my videos for a while, then you should know that I’m a huge fan of Fairytail myself. It used to be one of my favorite anime series, but it honestly went downhill for me after the time skip. Still, I stuck with the series till the very end and I was also super excited when I received my Fairy Tail manga and the Happy Figurine because I’m still a fan of Fairytail despite the disappointments I have for the series.

There are things I like about Fairy Tail and there are also things I dislike about it. We have to remember that people have the right to not like the things we like. If someone criticizes your favorite anime, it shouldn’t take the enjoyment of liking that anime away from you. They have their opinions and you have your opinions. So if you ever find yourself getting offended/enraged when you hear that someone doesn’t like the anime you like, take a deep breath, count to ten, and just silently agree to disagree.

Sudden Expert

number three, are the Sudden Experts. This type is the most annoying one to me by far. Sudden experts are people who think that they are experts at something just because they watch an anime about that topic. For example, there are anime fans out there who think they’re classical music experts just because they’ve watched the anime Your Lie in April. For those of you guys who don’t know, Your Lie in April is basically an anime about a prodigy in classical piano named Arima Kousei. When this anime first aired, so many comment sections of the classical piano videos on YouTube are bombarded with comments related to Your Lie in April. They are the Types of Anime Fans Everyone Hate.


I don’t really have problems with comments referencing the anime. What I do have problems with are those comments who criticize the professional pianists in the video without any base at all, and comparing them to the characters in the anime. She played this piece with no emotion. So robotic. Arima Kousei plays it better. When I read those comments, I was like: Did they seriously just compare those classical pianists who have spent their whole life playing the piano to some animated characters? And did they base their criticism on some anime series they watched a week ago and acted like classical experts because of it?

You guys might think that I’m getting triggered over nothing, but really when you think about how you’ve spent years honing a certain skill, sacrificing other parts of your life to be really good at it, and then someone completely new to it walks over and acts as if they’re way better than you and that they know way more than you do I think it’s normal to be annoyed by that So, the point to be taken is, just because you watch an anime about a certain topic, doesn’t mean you know all there is to know about said topic.

Wannabe Experts

Just because you watch Haikyuu doesn’t mean you’re a volleyball expert. Just because you watch Yuri on ice doesn’t mean you’re ready to go on the Ice Skating Olympic. You might get some knowledge from watching anime, but it barely scratches the surface of it. So, we shouldn’t act like a know it just because we learn something from an anime. Whew, I think that’s enough ranting for today. Now I have a question for you guys! What types of anime fans do you find annoying? Leave your answers in the comments below. I’d love to read all about them! Oh, and by the way, you guys might notice that I didn’t put weeaboos on my list.

That’s because, to be honest, I don’t really hate weeaboos. I know, such an unpopular opinion. And that’s because I understand that weeaboos are usually kids or teenagers who are going through some cringe-worthy anime phase. Once they get older, they’d usually grow out of that phase as well. There ARE some adult weeaboos out there, but for the most part, they’re usually kids or teens. So I merely see weeaboos as part of being young and foolish, which is completely normal. They are the Types of Anime Fans Everyone Hate.

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