29 most Fun Video Games Facts

29 most Fun Video Games Facts

Some of these game facts are more dated than others, but I think they’re quite an interesting compilation. And I hope you enjoy it. So let’s get started right away and see Fun Video Games Facts.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII was originally going to be on the Nintendo 64. But due to Nintendo’s choice to stick with cartridges, SquareSoft opted out of the console and instead, famously published the game on the PlayStation. Along that same vein, the original PlayStation started its life as a prototype console for Nintendo. Only days before the official announcement was rumored to happen, Nintendo cut ties with the prototype console. So sure of the prototype, Sony would go on to work on it alone – thus creating the PlayStation 1.

I actually had a Nintendo 64 and then a PlayStation 2. GameCube…Xbox 360…and like all the Game Boys. I was a huge Game Boy person. #3: Although it has dozens of titles now, Final Fantasy originally received its ominous name due to the fact that the company, Square, was running out of money, and if Final Fantasy didn’t meet expectations, it would likely have been their final game. It clearly met expectations.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog’s famous sidekick, Tails, actually has a full name. It’s Miles Prower – a play on the words “miles per hour.” When I was little, We used to play Sonic & Tails, and I would always want to be Tails. And we would just run around, all over the living room, and outside, and it’s funny because I never played any of the games… But I very distinctly remember playing Sonic-and-Tales-pretend. It is one of the Fun Video Games Facts.

Devil May Cry

The series Devil May Cry actually began its life as a concept design for Resident Evil 4. The concept was so different from the Resident Evil formula that they instead spun it off into its own series.

Big Gray Box Nintendo

The original Nintendo was designed as a big gray box so as to look more like a VCR than a video game system. This was due to the market at the time, and the general distrust and lack of confidence around video games and their popularity.


The popular PC game StarCraft was the first video game to officially be sent into space. No Protoss or Zerg was encountered during the journey, and only one pylon had to be built.


In Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, you can receive an odd egg from daycare. For whatever reason, the chance to hatch a shiny Pokémon is drastically higher from this egg than any other. Pokémon Gold was my most hours on a Pokémon game, I think. I never got any shiny Pokémon though. It is one of the Fun Video Games Facts.

Resident Evil

While better known now, Resident Evil is only called such due to licensing issues in North America. The proper name for the series is Biohazard. Oh, that one was cool.

Ace Attorney

In the Ace Attorney series, Phoenix Wright’s name is Ryuichi Naruhodo, where “Naruhodo” translates roughly to “I see” or “I understand,” which tends to follow the game’s trend of funny wordplay or character names.


From Gen II onwards, Pokémon can get a sickness called “Pokérus.” Although it’s considered a virus, it’s actually beneficial and will increase the rate at which Pokémon gain effort value.

Moonlight Greatsword in Souls

The Moonlight Greatsword appears in one form or another in all Souls games, including Bloodborne. However, it didn’t get its start there, as moonlight-based weapons have appeared in several other FromSoft games as well.

Mario RPG

Both Samus and Link can be found sleeping in various beds at inns while playing Mario RPG with a Super Nintendo. Generation I of Pokémon is the only one to feature normal Pokémon as mascots, as opposed to the Legendary Pokémon that would grace the covers of Gen II onwards. It is one of the Fun Video Games Facts.

Legend of Zelda

For most of his life, Link, the main hero of the Legend of Zelda series, was left-handed. He started using his right hand more due to motion controls, and in Breath of the Wild, he became right-handed to fit the control style of the game. While it was more often believed to be for a special reason.

PlayStation 1 discs

PlayStation 1 discs were black solely because it made them stand out and look cool. The only reason I need.

More Pokémon fun

More Pokémon fun! While it’s never confirmed, it’s widely believed that Ditto was created due to failed experiments to clone Mew. This would make Ditto and MewTwo related.

GoldenEye 64

GoldenEye 64 is famous for its multiplayer, but a few people knew it was one of the last components added to the game. It was only done by a couple of people, with no direction from management to actually add it in. I remember playing GoldenEye in my friend’s basement…but I wasn’t allowed, so I was really guilty when I went home from my play date. And I told my mom, and she got mad at me. ‘Cause, it was too violent. Now I’m playing like Bioshock. It is one of the Fun Video Games Facts.


Destiny, the popular MMO-Esque shooter, was teased as early back as Halo ODST. Street signs could be seen in the game depicting Earth with the words, “Destiny awaits.”

Pokémon Stadium

Fact: Pokémon Stadium is the best Pokémon game. Vestman disagrees. Opinion: Pokémon Snap is the best Pokémon game. I’ll fight you.

The Last of Us

While playing The Last of Us, you can find several Easter eggs that relate to other games made by Naughty Dog, the developers, including several nods to the Uncharted and Jak and Daxter series.

Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 is one of the few consoles to have a key component that is directly upgradeable. By default, the console has 4 MB of RAM but can be upgraded through the RAM booster, giving it a whopping total of 8 MB of RAM. It is one of the Fun Video Games Facts.

Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing is unique for many reasons, one of which is the game’s debut appearance of Banjo-Kazooie. While Kasumi is never seen, Banjo is playable as a car racer nearly a full year before the launch of the game.


Popular shooter Halo wasn’t always a Microsoft title. It was originally shown off in 1999 as a Mac game before Microsoft game in and bought up the development team, and turned the game into a launch title for the Xbox. That one was – I think – the most interesting one on here.


Kirby, the lovable, round, vacuum of a character, wasn’t always so pink. Most people assumed he was white even after the game launched. It wasn’t until the character’s creator corrected everyone that the pink coloring (stuck). Of all the 151 original Pokémon, Rhyhorn was first to be designed. Nathan Fillion is an avid gamer and a big Halo fan. So much so that Bungie brought him into record voice-over for the franchise, and would later spin his character into a fully-developed lead protagonist named Buck. And I literally love Nathan Fillian so much. It is one of the Fun Video Games Facts.

Internet connections and consoles

Internet connections and consoles are often thought to have begun around the era of Xbox, but as early as the NES consoles could connect to perform various tasks, that allowed for users to play games over the net.

Aaron in Final Fantasy VII

Although perhaps the most famous was the slight mix-up with Aaron in Final Fantasy VII, whose name was oddly spelled “Eris” for the North American release.

Mario and Princess Peach

Mario hasn’t always been trying to save Princess Peach. In his early days, he was trying to rescue Pauline from Donkey Kong, who made an appearance in Mario Odyssey. He also saved Princess Daisy, who is from Sarasaland, the location of Super Mario Land for the GameBoy.

Mega Man

Another classic case of name-changing stems from one of Capcom’s oldest characters. Most well-known as Mega Man, he was originally called Rock Man in Japanese. Decades after its launch, Tetris remains the best-selling video game of all time. Minecraft is in a distant second, with Grand Theft Auto V sliding into third. It is one of the Fun Video Games Facts.

Mario in 200 Games

That actually really surprises me. It’s nearly impossible to count, but Mario has appeared in nearly 200 video games in his life. Not bad for a humble plumber. And they took away his plumber status, but they gave it back to him. He’s officially a plumber again.

Age of Nintendo

Nintendo has been around longer than most realize. It wasn’t until the early 70s that they began transitioning into electronic devices.

The Sims

Will Wright, the game designer of the Sims, had originally planned to name the Sims, “Dollhouse,” as he believed the game was essentially a high-tech, animated dollhouse that featured AI. However, as expected, the game was knocked back as the marketers found that the game did not appeal to young males. It is one of the Fun Video Games Facts.

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