25 Unknown Facts about Black Panther

25 Unknown Facts about Black Panther

Unknown Facts about Black Panther: Black Panther, the man, the myth, the legend, a superhero, the film, are all of it. Black Panther is an important figure in the history of comic books for a number of reasons. If you’re desperate for the latest about T’Challa. What was Black Panther’s original name? Well, your all questions gonna be answered. So, grab some food relax with a few lines of catnip, and prepare to be amazed by the Facts about Black Panther.

Southie fictional superhero

Black Panther is a Southie fictional superhero. He appears in comic books written by American comic book publisher Marvel Comics capiche good.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Black Panther is the creation of probably second Editor Stan Lee and writer and artist Jack Kirby. Both of whom are legends in the comics book industry. Black Panther made his first appearance in July of 1966 in Fantastic Four number 52 during the Silver Age of comic books. It is one of the Unknown Facts about Black Panther.

Not Black Panther

Oddly enough, Black Panther wasn’t always Black Panther. Jack Kirby’s original concept art for the character gave him the name Cold Tiger which is a bit weird. It sounds like a Dollar store ripoff a Black Panther or pound landing English. It is one of the Unknown Facts about Black Panther.

Black Panther Party

Somewhat understandably many people assume Black Panther got his name from the Black Panther Party a radical black power group founded in the late 1960s. However, the comic book Black Panther actually predates the Black Panther Party by roughly three months.

Tank Battalion

However, both Black Panther and the Black Panthers predated by World War 2. Black Panther is an independent tank battalion of the United States Army. Black Soldiers were not allowed to fight alongside white troops at the time as the American army wasn’t fully desegregated until after the war our racism when will you knock off.

Black Leopard

Black Panther has briefly renamed Black Leopard in 1972 in an attempt by Marvel to avoid any controversial association with the aforementioned radical Black Power group. The name change didn’t stick however and eventually, Black Panther’s name was reinstated. It is one of the Unknown Facts about Black Panther.

Chala Leader

Black Panther’s real identity is to Chala leader protector and monarch of the sadly fictional African nation of Wakanda. It’s probably my favorite two fictional African nation actually


Within the Marvel Universe, while Condor is the most technologically advanced nation on earth. This is a result of the country’s massive stores of the exceedingly rare material known as Vibranium which the country trades at a high price making it stupidly rich and prosperous. Wakanda is said to be home to around 10,000 tons worth of Vibranium.

Captain America’s Shield

If the name Vibranium sounds kind of familiar to you, Congratulations, you’re a nerd Vibranium her to energy manipulating qualities which happen to be the material from which Captain America’s shield is made.

Crashed Meteorite

So, how did work under end up with all the Vibranium? Well, it turns out the source of work on this most precious resource is a Meteorite that crashed in the middle of the country 10,000 years ago. Basically, they got lucky it could have landed in the stone market. The people of the stone market would be the most technologically advanced people on earth, by way, the name Wakanda is derived from what Kumbha a Bantu ethnic group native to the happily real African nation of Kenya. Kumbha is also known as the UH camber or camber. It is one of the Unknown Facts about Black Panther.

Kunduz Panther

Some very silly people out there assume Black Panther is merely a snappy superhero name like spider-man or daredevil. The term Black Panther is actually a ceremonial title given to the leader of the Kunduz Panther clan and it has to be earned.

Heart Shaped Herb

T’Challa required many of your superior abilities by contact with the heart-shaped herb, special plants native to work under and toxic to those outside the world. Storyline: those deemed worthy of becoming the next Black Panther have the juices of the heart-shaped herb applied to their bodies which gives them enhanced speed endurance strength and senses.

Immune from all diseases

The effect of the heart-shaped herb also makes Charla entirely immune from all known diseases and poisons. Literally, every single one cannot even catch a cold. It is one of the Unknown Facts about Black Panther.

Skills and Technologies

Along with all that good stuff, Wakanda also possesses a genius-level intellect great physical powers and advanced martial arts skills as well as access to various highly advanced technologies and a truly unholy degree as well.

Smart Charla

Did I mention that Charla is really smart? Like a really stable genius. As it happens he’s not just really smart he’s really really really smart so really really smart in fact that canonically he’s considered one of the eighth smartest people in the entire Marvel Universe.

Science with Alchemy

His advanced noggin helped him to combine science with Alchemy creating a whole new scientific field that’d shadow physics which is exactly as not real as it sounds. It is one of the Unknown Facts about Black Panther.

Tony Stark’s Quinjets

Whenever you see Tony Stark gallivanting around in his high-tech Quintets. He has a black panther to thank the Quinjet will create if I neither stark nor shield and were in fact designed and built by the work under design group which is overseen by T’Challa himself.

T’Challa Outfit

T’Challa superhero outfit is woven with you guessed it, Vibranium which makes him an even more effective warrior. His super high-tech Panther Kazi allows him to scale walls run on water, and land silently from heights of 15 meters without injury I could do that.

Harry Potter’s Cloak

His outfit also features a cloak that can be elongated shortened or eliminated through the power of thought. It even utilizes advanced mic technology to make it appear as regular street clothes all render its wearer completely invisible. He’s like Harry Potter in a way but just I mean so much cooler I can’t even.

The Claws

The claws on 2 tallises snazzy black panther suit are made of an even rarer form of Vibranium known as Antarctic Vibranium found only in you guessed it Antarctica in a process that’s not fully understood. This variant on my cam does miracles. Metal weakens the molecular bonds of other metals allowing it to easily slice through the metal. It’s like a hot knife through butter or anything. It is one of the Unknown Facts about Black Panther.

T’Challa Mask

Early on in Black Panther’s history, T’Challa wore a mask that covered up only the top half of his face. I mean, clearly, he didn’t want to smother his beard game that was going on.

Networth of 90 trillion dollars

Did we also mention that T’Challa is almost supernaturally loaded? You have no idea shockingly unfathomable amounts of money have pooled around becomes monarchy giving T’Challa a net worth of over 90 trillion dollars. It is almost 20 times the amount of money that actually exists in the real world it’s literally unethical for him to be that wealthy I’m telling you.

Batman and Black Panther

With all this in mind, you may have noticed the Black Panther is in many ways quite similar to DC’s Batman. Those were born in two worlds and privileged to possess tragic backstories leading them to become a shadowy force for good with so – the art attire that helps them fight crime.

Took out Entire Superhero Teams

T’Challa also has a particular knack for felling opponents that you really should have no business defeating Black Panthers laid the smackdown on super-powerful enemies like the fish stone and dr. doom, as well as single-handedly roughing up the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, yes, he took on entire superhero teams and still came out swinging T’Challa, is not to be a mess with. It is one of the Unknown Facts about Black Panther.

Black Panther’s Relationships

Black Panther is also well known for his relationship with the Weather Witch. She herself stormer a fellow superhero and member of the X-Men. They first met when they were children. Later, became romantically involved as an adult. Eventually, getting hitched. However, the strain of being superheroes was apparently too much for the relationship to bear. Their marriage was annulled several years later.

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