23 Pokemon Facts that you dont know about

23 Pokemon Facts that you dont know about

Pokemon Facts: These are the 23 Pokemon Facts that you Probably Don’t Know about.

What are the Famous Pokemon Games?

Pokemon is a Japanese media franchise, built around a series of video games, set in a world filled with fictional creatures, known as pokemon, which are endowed with various magical powers and abilities, the human characters catch and train, said creatures to fight, because humans can human the franchise began with a pair of games called Pokemon red and green released outside of Japan is Pokémon red and blue which were released for the Nintendo Gameboy in their Prix of 1996. It is one of the Pokemon Facts that you don’t know about.

What is the History of Pokemon Games?

Pokemon was created by the Japanese video game developer Game Freak. It actually began as a self-published video game magazine created by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori. In the early 80s, the magazine contained interesting video game information hints, and tips on how to get high scores in games like Donkey Kong and Clavius.

What is the Inspiration of the Pokemon Game?

In 1989, grand Sugimori established Game Freak as a video game developer, and the following year, Tier II began to formulate his ideas for the first play. The game is inspired by his childhood love of bug-catching. It is one of the Pokemon Facts that you don’t know about.

What were the Challenges of Creating Pokemon?

However, the development of Pokemon was not without its challenges. Nintendo passed on the idea several times before Mario crater. She carries Miyamoto encouraged Nintendo to give it a chance smart guy.

Highest Grossing Media Franchise

Since then Pokemon has gone on to become the highest-grossing media franchise like ever of all time in history. In total Pokemon has raked in a truly gargantuan 90 billion dollars in revenue. The second most profitable media franchise is Hello Kitty, with eighty billion, which was created over 20 years before Pokemon in 1970 for making pokemon ascendancy all the sweeter. It is one of the Pokemon Facts that you don’t know about.

How Many Pokemon Games are There?

Including the main series as well as spin-offs, in RK titles, there is currently a total of 122 Pokemon games which is I think scientifically quite a lot.

What does the Pokemon Franchise Have?

In addition to the games, the entire Pokemon franchise now includes the long-running Pokemon anime television series and manga, The training card game, the trading figurine game, music books, toys, the anime, film series a wide range of other merchandise, and an upcoming live-action film, which we’ll talk about later on patience my children okay god I’m annoying. It is one of the Pokemon Facts that you don’t know about.

Is Pokemon a Biggest Selling Toy Brand?

As a result of its incredible success, Pokemon also represents the biggest selling toy brand. You know those things you know toys or pokemon the biggest baby.

How many Pokemon Cards are there?

The Pokemon franchise also includes the top-selling trading card game, with over 25.7 billion cards sold. That’s enough to completely cover. The entirety of the french island collectively known as Wallis and Futuna and still has over three square kilometers worth of pokemon console to play with thanks to Google. It is one of the Pokemon Facts that you don’t know about.

How many Pokemon Seasons are There?

The hits Pokemon anime TV series has also become them a successful video game adaptation ever with over 20 seasons and 1000 episodes broadcast in over 120 countries which are actually more abloom.

The success of Pokemon in West

Hilariously, when Pokemon was still in the process of being introduced to the Western. Market localizes told Nintendo that the cute adorable creatures of the pokemon universe would never be accepted by Americans and suggested that the cuddly critters be substantially beefed up into the muscle-bound monsters that would apparently do better in the West imagine Jigglypuff but jiggly birth. It is one of the Pokemon Facts that you don’t know about.

Why Cerulean cave was Redesigned in Pokemon?

When pokémon red and blue were released in 1998, the Cerulean cave was slightly redesigned from the Japanese versions of the games. Reportedly, due to concerns that the dungeon would be too difficult for Western players shade.

What are Real-Life Pokemon Characters?

The pokemon Snorlax was based on game designer koji Nishan arrow, who according to Ken Sugimori was known for his voracious appetite, as a result, Moschino served as the model for Snorlax. His design which I imagine is both fluttering and perhaps slightly a little bit insulting. It is one of the Pokemon Facts that you don’t know about.

From Where Name Snorlax Came From?

The triplet Nishino doesn’t end there. Oh no, as the shoe gnome was known for his habit of eating just about anything even expired and moldy food, his co-workers named him cabbie, the Japanese word for mold. This also served as the inspiration for the Japanese name for Snorlax which is the cabin.

Battle with Professor Oak

All Pokemon vans will remember professor Oak. The wise and respected Pokemon academic, who first sent you on your adventures in the first games. What you may not know was that your character was rigidly going to face Oak in the battle against the team of high-level Pokemon, which include a Taurus executor Arcanine Gyarados and a starter. This battle was ultimately removed presumably because obliterating the professor’s lame granddad team would have been too easy. It is one of the Pokemon Facts that you don’t know about.


At one point in red and blue a trainer called a picnic, a Carol on route 10 mentions a pink Pokemon with a floral pattern. No such Pokemon existed until the introduction of mana in the fifth-generation fighters black and white. A thought for generations later. Wow, is that an easter egg with a long payoff it did. They just forget I think the second one.

Fish who Played Pokemon

In 2014, a program called Catherine Moresco created a system that tracked the movements of a pet betta fish in its bowl, which was then translated in his game book commands, that allowed the fish to play pokemon red. The fish named Grayson hopper violet, an upmarket name for a fish, spent hours walking around his room before he eventually managed to obtain the Charmander from Professor Oak and defeat his rival Squirtle Wowsucka McGary. It is one of the Pokemon Facts that you don’t know about.

Pokemon Silver and Gold were the Last games

Pokemon gold and silver, the main games of the second generation of Pokemon are beloved by many as some of the best games of the entire series, it may. Therefore, shock you to know that gold and silver were initially intended to be the very last pokemon games ever, as Pokemon company CEO Suni Kazu Ishihara believed that as the 21st century arrived, there would be little desire for Pokemon games oh how wrong he was.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

The Mareep line of Pokemon which were introduced in the second generation or a group of electric pokemon, which take the form of adorable fluffy little sheep, ah some of suggested them a reap. Its evolutions are in fact of reference to Philip k dick’s celebrated science fiction novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep because they are electric sheep. The book that may remind her, she also served as inspiration with the classic 1982 sci-fi movie Blade Runner. It is one of the Pokemon Facts that you don’t know about.

Skateboards in Pokemon Gold and Silver

Apparently, early versions of gold and silver were going to include a skateboard as an alternative means of transportation to the bicycle, which is frankly boring and unread Broin comparison. The skateboard was, however, not included in the final version of the games because the world isn’t there and everything is meaningless.

Female Trainers in Pokemon crystal

Pokemon Crystal was the first Pokemon game in which players could choose to play a female trainer. Wow, wait a min, what’s there Anjali plans to include a playable female trainer in red and blue. The feature was sadly removed I assumed because of sexism. I mean I don’t know I just don’t know. It is one of the Pokemon Facts that you don’t know about.

Animated Pokemon sprites

Pokemon Crystal was also the first Pokemon game to feature animated pokemon sprites which could be seen upon entering battle and checking their profile, yeah you’ve got your 3d Pokemon games now. Back in the day, those animations were all we’d ever dreamed of.

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