15 Things about Fallout 4 You Should Know

15 Things about Fallout 4 You Should Know

Things about Fallout 4: RPG games ever made, no not that one or that one or that one or that one either. They’re all great, yes, but I’m here today to talk to you about Fallout 4. Yes, that’s right, we’re off to vault one month and the Commonwealth wasteland. Tell you guys, all that the crazy goings-on there. Seriously, I wouldn’t rate it as a vacation and by the way, yes, this will be full of spoilers.

What is the Background of Fallout 4?

So, a quick bit of background for you wasteland lubes out there. Fallout 4 is the fourth game in the main Fallout series of post-apocalyptic RPGs, in which your character the sole survivor must navigate their way through the nuclear wasteland of Boston Massachusetts to track down their son and was stolen as an infant it takes place in the year 2287 around ten years after the events of fallout 3. You’ll understand why, that’s a somewhat important leader. It was released in 2015 and will seed last a good-to-fallout game to be released by Bethesda Studios. Don’t come at me fallout fans, “it’s your fault god dammit hates hard what”. It is one of the Things about Fallout 4 you should know.

How many Characters can you play in Fallout 4?

You play the character of the sole survivor. Now, depending on your gender choice of character, you are either the husband or wife and a pre-war family and you have a little Bubba called if you pick the male character you’ll be a retired US Army veteran. If you pick the female character you will want a lawyer interesting right.

First Fallout Game to Feature Pre-War World

The game opens in the year 2077. The first Fallout game to feature the pre-war world. The sole survivor is just having a lovely day at home in a vault tech rep sells to a place in the local vault. Due to your family service of the country Falls forward Lee 25 minutes a nuclear annihilation happens to haul ass into your vault but little do you know the decontamination pods you ask to enter are actually cryogenic pods. It is one of the Things about Fallout 4 you should know.

What is the Storyline of Fallout 4?

Fast forward to the year 2227. You’re half awoken by every parent’s worst nightmare. You see your baby Sean kidnap from the arms of your partner who’s then brutally murdered in front of you. You then fall back into your cryogenic state and wake up sixty years later and 2287. Then, you escape the power to make your way back out into the world. It’s not quite the same as how you’re left in our drama.

Start of every robot cyborgs synthetic artificial disaster

It later comes to light that Sean was kidnapped by the Institute because he was unique in that. He’s the only infant on earth that has no DNA corruption from radiation. The perfect-war specimen for the next stage of synthetic development and becoming the father of synthetic life. I’m not sure about you but this feels like the start of every robot cyborgs synthetic artificial disaster movie ever made. It is one of the Things about Fallout 4 you should know.

What is the fifth Ending of Fallout 4?

Now, if you’ve played the game already you’ll be aware of all the different endings you can have to depend on which faction you decide to side with and the obliteration of their respective enemies. As well as the Brotherhood Institute Minutemen and Braille Road endings. There’s also a fifth peaceful ending that’s a big complex to get. It allows you to keep the brotherhood Minutemen and railroad alive and functioning. Ultimately you do have to destroy the Institute and murder your own child so swings and roundabouts freely.

How Many Copies of Fallout 4 are Sold?

Fallout 4 sold 14.9 million copies as of temporary 2019. It’s been reported to have surpassed ourselves, but this other big hitter the Elder rolls five scarred as how you pan out, so anyway. It is one of the Things about Fallout 4 you should know.

Biggest Video Game Map

Fallout poorer has one of the biggest video game Maps ever created Akari ranks 1/16 but beats out games like bread dev attention to and Skyrim and oblivion combined the map is 43 square miles this is somewhat debated because a lot of interiors underground areas but hey I think that if you can walk it counts.

How many Dialogue Lines are there in Fallout 4?

We’ve already established that follow-up is large in size. That’s what she said no I that what I wish she anyway. With several carriages that not only speak to you but also have conversations with each other, it shouldn’t be surprising that the game has a lot of recorded dialogue back in September 2015. There’s the tweeted out that recorded over 111,000 lines of dialogue which is more than format free and Skyrim combined. It is one of the Things about Fallout 4 you should know.

Fallout and US Military

Though would you play some of the other Fallout informants who know about super mutants? They’re the product of US military experiments or vault experiments. We’re looking at you vault 87, not cool guys. How did these guys get all the way to Boston? Well, surprise surprise, we’re looking at the damned Institute again in one of their many experiments. They subjected innocent people to exposure to the forced evolutionary virus or FEV causing them to mutate into these beautiful creatures. When the experiment clearly went wrong the Institute just shut the mountain to the mainland just to see what would happen.


Now, on to bots, and what better place to start than our home sweet home kind of vault 111. I’m pretty sure we’re all aware of the fact that Voltec is pretty evil. By this point, the story of every vault emphasizes that just a little bit more. So, evolved on June 11 we’ve already said is an experiment on the viability of cryostasis in humans. The effect would have if it did work. However, the residents were told to use decontamination pods. Everyone in the vault later died of asphyxiation as a result of life-support failure. Everyone except the sole survivor their partner and Sean of course. It is one of the Things about Fallout 4 you should know.

Bethesda Game Designer and Fallout 4

The basis for the idea of 411 came from Bethesda game designer Emil Paglia rouleaux, who when visiting MIT saw their cryogenics lab which featured cryogenic tanks. So, of course, he took some pictures a couple of selfies seven to his pal told Howard and the rest, as they say, is a video game.

Social Experiments in Fallout 4

Moulton and fourteen found in Park Street Station was designed as a social experiment on residents reactions to stressful situations you know because the nuclear war wasn’t restful enough in this case the residents were upper-class including high-ranking government officials business owners luminaries and their families the experiment featured hiring in danger the incompetent overseer could soup can hurry and taking away the luxury lives they were promised inside the vault to see how they respond it’s not known how that experiment went we can assume intended badly as its overrun by a gang by the time the sole survivor makes it there in 2287. It is one of the Things about Fallout 4 you should know.

Vault 25

Now, under vault 25 and this is where things get really quite bleak found in Mauldin middle school, the vault housed all the students from the middle school. Their teachers and their parents once admitted any adults were taken into an orientation where they were executed. The children would let’s take Bart and talk to us about mental and physical tests in order to establish which children had the best-refined genetics. Yeah, told you it was bleak. Those who didn’t cut were killed. Those that made it to age 18 were either half stood for their genes or recruited to the vault science team. if they were obedient enough.

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