10 Shazam Facts that will blow your mind

10 Shazam Facts that will blow your mind

Here are the top 10 Shazam Facts that will blow your mind.

Fights with Batman

In 1996, Kingdom come wanted to peer into the future of the DCU and displayed a bleak environment where our classic DC heroes had left and been replaced by their successors. Shazam or Captain Marvel as I will be referring to him for the sake of this article. They were major players in this series. The world is out of control and the heroes are struggling to come together as villains. The government proceeds with its own agendas. We see a different Captain Marvel here, one that’s well dressed and at the side of Lex Luthor. When Batman tries to take Luthor down he takes down Captain Marvel with a single punch. This grown-up version of Billy Batson was being enslaved by Lex Luthors brainwashing. So, the punch was necessary for him to become Captain Marvel again. It is one of the 10 Shazam Facts.

TV StarBack

In the 1970s television networks were under pressure to not just make fun of shows of a superhero fighting evil, but to make them educational. For the Shazam series they, unfortunately, followed the more boring and educational route. This live-action tv series had Billy traveling around the country helping the youth solve their problems. Although network execs aside the writers of the show were the real heroes. Abiding by the rule to make every week a life lesson, they also managed to insert some danger to have Billy become Captain Marvel is one of the 10 Shazam Facts.

Best Selling

Captain sparkle fingers at one point were the highest selling comic book of all time. Captain Marvel even was able to outsell Superman due to its whimsical approach to hero status. It resonated with a wide audience and eventually sold two million copies of each issue. Which included an appearance in Whiz Comics and Captain Marvel Adventures. It leads to a spinoff series with the Captain Marvel family. Shazam director David F. Sandberg even said- Captain Marvel is the ultimate in wish fulfillment. That idea alone was very appealing to a young audience of kids who wanted to be the heroes in these comic book pages. It is much easier to just whisper Shazam hoping to gain powers than to be born of a certain circumstance. It is one of the 10 Shazam Facts.

Stolen Trademarks

First nicknamed the Big Red Cheese and 20 years before being brought back to life by DC. The original name of Captain Marvel was up for the taking. We saw Marvel first latching on to the name first popularized by MF Enterprises in a short-lived Captain Marvel series back in 1966 when they introduced their own Captain Mar-Vell in 1967. When the trademark was open, Marvel snatched up the name so they could do more than just a similar character. When DC wanted to revive Fawcetts Captain Marvel series in 1973. They had to settle with just calling him Shazam although they snuck in a subheading that read – the original Captain Marvel – A little passive-aggressive, I like it. And, it is one of the 10 Shazam Facts.

No Miracle man

Back in the day, Captain Marvel was so popular in America that England even got on board. However, when Fawcett stopped producing Captain Marvel comics the British spin-off refused and so reverted to just calling their Marvelman. He would use the magic word Kimota and also had a family of heroes going on adventures with him. When Marvel man was rebooted in the 80s they were met with some legal trouble as Marvel Comics. Of course, did not like that the publisher was even using the name Marvel at all. So, to avoid being sued and to keep the series alive they transitioned the hero into becoming Miracleman. So without Captain Marvel getting off the ground in the first place, we would have no Miracleman is one of the 10 Shazam Facts.

First Family

Long before Superman had a family in the comic book pages Captain Marvel had his. Because the series was so successful it started as I mentioned a spin-off of his family also have powers. First, there was the Lieutenant Marvels which was just three other kids who also were named Billy Batson. All sharing the magical powers anytime they said Shazam. More famously there was Captain Marvel Jr.which was Freddy Freeman being saved of his crippling injuries by Caps powers. When Billy channeled his Shazam powers into Freddy he too became a hero, although only when he said, Captain Marvel. Then we had the introduction of Billys Twin, Mary Marvel. She also had the Shazam powers brought to her by goddesses instead of gods though is one of the 10 Shazam Facts.

His Own World

His Own World, Also known as the Thunderworld it was one of the 52 worlds that Grant Morrisons seriesMultiversity brought back and explored after admittedly saying erasing the multiverse was a mistake. The Thunderworld known as Earth Five featured the original Fawcett version of Captain Marvel and featured a battle with Sivana. It was a heroic return that remained very lighthearted in its stories is one of the 10 Shazam Facts.

Fights with Superman

In the debate of the century, many people argue over who would win in a fight, Superman or Captain Marvel. DC decided to answer this long-argued nerd debate in Superman #276 which saw a Shazam-Esque hero called Captain Thunder entering into the Earth-One universe. After being manipulated by some evil does captain Thunder attacked Superman leaving Clark no choice but to send him home. Years following this event the two met for real in the aptly named title Superman Vs. Shazam. While the villain in this plot planned to smash Earth One and Earth S together the heroes were preoccupied with each other after being tricked into fighting. Superman again took the win in one of the 10 Shazam Facts.

A Long Time Coming

Before the final release and the decision to go with Zachary Levi for the role of Shazam, the movie about Billy Batson was in limbo. Warner Brothers made a preemptive announcement in 2014 that Shazam was in development and was hoping to have it out by 2016. At the time actors like Armie Hammer and Alan Ritchson were expected to dawn the big red cheese costume. After seeing it though I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing that role, Zachary did an incredible job in one of the 10 Shazam Facts.

Not His First Rodeo

This isn’t actually the first live-action release though of Shazam. After outselling Superman Fawcett also beat him to the cinematic punch with the release of The Adventures of Captain Marvel. The film hit the big screen in 1941 and was labeled one of the greatest cliffhangers ever at the time. In this story, the World’s Mightiest Mortalis gifted his powers to defeat a masked villain known as the Scorpion. The Scorpion’s goal in the film is to gather an ancient superweapon found by a team of archeologists that were split up to protect its power. And that has been the Top 10 Shazam Shocking Facts.

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