10 Facts about Teen Titans You Need To Know

10 Facts about Teen Titans You Need To Know

The Teen Titans have dealt with their fair share of dark and scary situations, particularly after the group evolved into the New TeenTitans in 1980, with a new group of young superheroes joining up to take on Titan Raven’sdemonic father, Trigon the Terrible. Since, the group has endured a whole lot of drama and a whole lot of tragedy, some of which might even shock you. So today, we’re counting down the 10 facts about teen titans everyone forgets. Because these kids have gone through some major things over the years. Let’s get to it.

Why Donna Troy Was Created

Firstly, One of the facts about teen titans is, When the Teen Titans first debuted in the comics, it was in The Brave and the Bold issue 54 in 1964. The team was comprised of DC’s sidekick characters, Robin, Kid Flash Wally West, and Aqualad. By the time issue 60 rolled around, they had adopted Teen Titans as their group name, and Donna Troy has joined the group as WonderGirl. But unlike her teammates, Donna’s reason for existing in the comics wasn’t just to connect to younger demographics to improve sales. She was the byproduct of the comics industry undergoing some drastic changes thanks to psychiatrist Fredric Wertham and his book Seduction of the Innocent, which attempted to correlate comic books with ‘bad’ behavior in kids.

He claimed a lot of outlandish things, including that Wonder Woman, was a lesbian because she was depicted as a strong, independent woman. In the aftermath of the senate hearing that Wertham’s book was the catalyst, DC had to change her character to make her more ‘acceptable to parents, which including creating a Wonder Family in which Diana would appear with younger versions of herself and her mother. The teen version of herself was dubbed Wonder Girl, who eventually became her own character and her sister. So all in all, Donna was created to make Wonder Woman look less queer.

Donna Troy has recreated

Donna Troy has a bit of a confusing history, as you can gauge from our last number. After a whole story arc where she got married, had a kid who was prophesized to grow up into an evil dictator, who she then gave up her powers for to keep him and herself alive, she would eventually get her powers back, returning to the titans under the name Troia (after that husband turned ex-husband and kid died, FYI). By the time Wonder Woman issue 136 rolled around, Donna was wiped from reality’s memory. The newly reincarnated Diana would use her lasso to bind Donna and Wally West together. By using Wally’s memories of Donna to fill her soul.

Rather than, you know, going to another part of the multiverse and using one of those Donna’s to do the same thing, this move would have greater implications later on for Donna’s psyche, with the character constantly questioning if this version of herself really was true to who she was, or was merely just Wally’s interpretation of her. Come on Wonder Woman, you should know better. It is one of the facts about teen titans you need to know.

Dick’s Bad Hair

Dick Grayson is often considered to be one of, if not, THE, hottest character in comics. But the dude has been victimized by some REAL BAD hairstyles over the years. In 1992, he had a mullet. This occurred in New Titans issue 88. When Mirage, disguised as Starfire, convinced Dick that he needed a new look, stating, “it’s the 1990’s out there, sweetheart, and it’s time you finally joined up!”. That mullet eventually grew out and became a ponytail, but luckily for readers everywhere, that ponytail would get snipped off by a member of the false face society, a group working for Black Mask. This occurred during a fight in 1996’s Nightwingissue 1, so clearly, making a point of snipping it off was something Chuck Dixon and Scott McDaniel really wanted to see happen.

For the record, Starfire’s hair was real intense too for a while. Like, gave her an extra couple of feet in height. And Beast Boy ALSO had a mullet in the 90s, too. It is one of the facts about teen titans you need to know

Speedy was a junkie

Speedy aka Roy Harper Jr was the first of Green Arrow’s ward. He debuted in More Fun Comics issue 73 in1941 as an orphan whose father was a forest ranger who had sacrificed his life to save that of a Navajo medicine chief. The chief, named Brave Bow, raised Roy Jr, and after he passed away, Green Arrow would ask him to become his ward. He would join up with the Teen Titans after donna Troy did, who he began to date, but after the group disbanded for the first time, they broke up.

Around the same time, Green Arrow would lose his fortune and be neglectful to Speedy. While his mentor was away on a cross country adventure, Speedy would become addicted to heroin, which eventually led to the award-winning story Snowbirds Don’t Fly, which appeared in the Green Lantern Green Arrow crossover series. The two titular heroes were investigating junkies when low and behold, they discover that Speedy is a junkie. Green Arrow loses it and even beats Roy up a bit over it. Speedy quits being his ward, another junkie dies, and then Speedy recovers on his own, returning to Oliver by the end of the story. It is one of the facts about teen titans you need to know

Starfire’s Torture

Starfire’s origins are pretty dark. So Starfire’s sister is Blackfire, a character who first appeared in New Teen Titans issue 22 in 1982. When she showed up, things got a little wild. Blackfire harbored a lot of hate for her sister, feeling denied of the throne of their home planet because of her. Even though it was ‘t really Starfire’s fault. The day Blackfire was born, the Citadel Empire had committed genocide on thousands of Tamareans. So, she was believed to be a curse due to association. Blackfire would find her own way to the throne, selling out and working with the Citadel Empire, and torturing Starfire. Her masters could do anything to her, as long as she wasn’t killed, and at the end of every year, Blackfire would get her back and torture her some more.

The torture appears to be a lot of physical labor. It was implied she was sold into marriages with aliens and was likely raped. Eventually, though, her sister sentenced her to be executed. Before that could happen, they ended up being enslaved by the Psions, evil alien scientists. They performed deadly experiments on the two of them. Eventually, Kori got away, freed her sister, who still tried to get her executed. Kori escaped that too, fleeing to earth. Not only did the two duke it out violently, but Blackfire pulled some really messed up crap to the rest of the Titans, and then shot them into space to die, all to see her sister hurt. It is one of the facts about teen titans you need to know


Jericho is a character who was introduced in Tales of the Teen Titans issue 43 in 1984. He was a character who was part of a movement by Marv Wolfman and George Perez in establishing the titans as a team who was not the justice little league, as Perez put it. The son of Deathstroke Slade Wilson, Jericho was a mute but wasn’t born that way. When he was a child, he was held hostage by a terrorist group called Jackal. They were sent by the Qurac president as a means of retaliation against Deathstroke. Although he managed to rescue his son, they cut Jericho’s throat, which rendered him mute. Things only get worse for him there.

After going to the Teen Titans, he would become possessed by the souls of Azarath. They were originally coming for Raven, but Jericho’spowers made it easy to go after him instead. His throat was repaired and he could speak again. During the Titans Hunt storyline, the real Jericho resurfaced and begged his father to kill him. So that’s what daddy dearest did. Luckily, for the character, he would live on, with his soul apparently jumping into Deathstroke after papa stabbed him right through the heart. It is one of the facts about teen titans you need to know.

Dick was sexually assaulted a member

Dick was a sexually assaulted member how earlier we mentioned that Dick got his hair cut by Mirage pretending to be Starfire? Well, Mirage is a character who first debuted in The New titan’s issue 79 in 1991, who was a member of the team titans from the future, the ones who went back in time to kill Donna Troy before she could give birth to her son who would grow up to be an evil dictator.

While that’s going on, she ends up changing her appearance to look like Starfire, and seduces Dick Grayson, sleeping with him. With Dick believing it was Starfire, although sensing that something is off about her. Now back in the future, Mirage was in a romantic relationship with the Nightwing of her time. Although it wasn’t Dick Grayson, which we would later learn. In the present, Mirage eventually reveals herself to Grayson, who freaks out about the whole thing. To add insult to injury, Pantha then appears and starts calling Dick a slut as the realization that he’s been sexually assaulted sinks in. It is one of the facts about teen titans you need to know.

Deathwing Rapes Mirage

Things only get worse with Mirage’s story. Remember that Nightwing from the future that we mentioned? So he travels to the past and reunites with her. The evil version of Raven decides that she’s going to use Nightwing’s body as the host for the Trigon seed. She ends up going after this future version of Nightwing, who, just a reminder, isn’t actually Dick. He is just another dude with the Nightwing persona who, confusingly enough, looks just like him. This Nightwing becomes corrupted and violent, which warrants him the new name of Deathwing. Deathwing goes to where Mirage is staying and rapes her, impregnating her. It is one of the facts about teen titans you need to know.

Deathstroke and Terra

In 1984, There was a story arc in the New Teen Titans called The Judas Contract. In which a metahuman named Terra joins the team, infiltrating them as a means of destroying them. Let’s backtrack a sec. She forms a romantic connection with Beast Boy and gains the rest of the team’s trust. Until it’s revealed she’s been working with Deathstroke. She smokes cigarettes, and she and the mercenary are implied to have a sexual relationship. She’s also depicted as a total psychopath. George Perez would state that he and MarvWolfman knew that she was going to be a traitor from the start and that she was going to be killed off. It is one of the facts about teen titans you need to know.

Raven Crashed Dick & Kori’s Wedding

Raven Crashed Dick & Kori’s Wedding and it got weird. Despite Dick getting assaulted by Mirage, he and Kori worked through it, and he proposed to her. They were set to be married in New Titans issue 100. The wedding ceremony was interrupted by Raven, who at the time was evil. And some pretty insane things went down. Literally right before the priest is about to announce them, man and wife, he gets obliterated, burnt down to his skeleton. Raven, wearing basically a handful of ribbons, shows up with Deathwing in tow.

It gets stranger; she creates a force field around herself and Starfire, blocking out everyone else at the wedding. Telling Starfirethat she isn’t really Raven, she’s just wearing Raven’s skin. She’s the summation of all of the one hundred children Raven’s father Trigon had sired and killed. Starfire seems to miss that, still addressing her as Raven, telling her she’s scared. Raven then says “after all my love, you love me as much as I love you. You love me and proceeds to make out with Starfire, declaring that she will be reborn. The whole thing is really intense and pretty terrifying. It is one of the facts about teen titans you need to know.

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