20 Facts about the Assassin’s Creed

Facts about the Assassin’s Creed: I’m going to be talking to you all about the wonderful world of an Assassin’s Creed. Not too many video game series can boast such a diverse range of historical time periods and locations. That’s just part of what makes Assassin’s Creed so dope. Also, I like the fact that the title has the word […]

15 Things about Fallout 4 You Should Know

Things about Fallout 4: RPG games ever made, no not that one or that one or that one or that one either. They’re all great, yes, but I’m here today to talk to you about Fallout 4. Yes, that’s right, we’re off to vault one month and the Commonwealth wasteland. Tell you guys, all that the crazy goings-on there. Seriously, […]

23 Pokemon Facts that you dont know about

Pokemon Facts: These are the 23 Pokemon Facts that you Probably Don’t Know about. What are the Famous Pokemon Games? Pokemon is a Japanese media franchise, built around a series of video games, set in a world filled with fictional creatures, known as pokemon, which are endowed with various magical powers and abilities, the human characters catch and train, said […]

25 facts about Super Smash Brothers

Facts about Super Smash Brothers: We are going to be talking to you all about a game that I may never actually learn how to play properly. I will gladly button mash through every installment until the end of time. Roll, air, dodge, Luz John repeats, yes, that’s right, I’m talking Super Smash Bros. Which character’s name means bum? What’s […]

3 Types of Anime Fans Everyone Hate

Types of Anime Fans Everyone Hate: We are gonna talk about the 3 types of anime fans that everyone hate! Keep in mind that the word hate here is hyperbolic because I don’t really hate those people, I just find them annoying most of the time. Lets get Straight to the Types of Anime Fans Everyone Hate. Elitist Fans The […]

10 Facts about Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan

Facts about Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan: Captain Levi, also known as humanity strong a soldier. Levi is known to be a pretty small guy. He comes in at five feet three inches or 160 centimeters. The only males who count shorter than him are Connie. Levi also weighs 143 pounds or 65 kilograms. No surprise at all to […]

25 facts about Godzilla

Facts about Godzilla: Today, we’re going to be talking to you all about the king of monsters himself or herself we’ll get to that, either way, it’s Godzilla the big lizard who has crossed continents been a villain, a hero had some facelifts and starred in one 1998 film. We’ll try to talk about as little as humanly possible. Which […]

30 Quick GTA Vice City Facts

30 Quick GTA Vice City Facts: We’re going to be heading back to the 1980s groovy dude. We’re gonna deal some thoughts and cook some blow in the greatest city in the world Vice City. Yes, it’s gonna be a veritable thrill ride of action treachery and cheesy 80 slogans. Righteous, but which popular 80s movies are references in the […]

29 most Fun Video Games Facts

Some of these game facts are more dated than others, but I think they’re quite an interesting compilation. And I hope you enjoy it. So let’s get started right away and see Fun Video Games Facts. Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VII was originally going to be on the Nintendo 64. But due to Nintendo’s choice to stick with cartridges, […]